Sunday, June 14, 2009


OK... So something struck me while I was checking my emails... all of the sudden I have something to write about... hahhahaaa

I think it is really funny when an ex tells me that they want to keep in touch with me when I know that that might be the last thing that they want.

I mean, if you really want to keep in touch, then you would not keep me from knowing that you actually got married innit?

cakap tak serupa bikin betul...

It doesn't matter anyway because I have decided to not be in contact with anyone who was a part of my past. So...

I discovered that I can have amazing will power. I can do anything if I am to put my mind to it (I know it is fucking cliched but you know what... who the fuck cares anyway... and yes... I am saying fuck like every 1 minute... I can say it more often if the occasion calls for it.)

Oh well... farewell Knuckas! --> my exes that is.

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  1. LOL.. cheers. I am exactly the same. Ignore the past.