Sunday, June 21, 2009

As I sit here with my chicken fingers sandwiches...

I think it might have something to do with age...

And believe it or not, you can even say that I am maybe 'bitter' in these things.

I entered my 30th year quietly... well maybe, aside from the fact that I was constantly badgered by my boss who is in based in NY with "When you turn 30" jokes and whatnots, it went by quietly.

I got drunk on a bottle of Bacardi and champagne, oh well... my drinking capacity went kind of... mockable... but who the fuck cares right?

I found out that I am either too fat for fellow Malaysian men or too skinny for other men of other nationalities... along with all the other factors that may have contributed to my singlehood eg: character, independence, insensitivity, aggressiveness, etc.

Well what I am meaning to say is that, is it me, or just my age that makes me cringe at a couple in love? I cringe at almost everything, couples talking to each other holding hands, couples wearing same colored T-shirts, couples making out in cars (In front of IKEA, which was totally weird... this was confirmed by my tudung wearing sister who said; "Just get a room already - lah." This coming from her was kind of.. well... cool).

I am a cringer, I am a bitter cringer... shoot me already.

My friends came up with this theory that it just kind of comes with this whole 'I don't need a man' vibe that I have been giving out recently.

It is unintentional, I mean, deep inside, I would love to be someone's happiness, someone's dread, someone's kind of important agenda.

For now... I am a bitter cringer, who thinks working out is the single most important thing aside from work. I am going to be a bitter cringer with a better body.



  1. Welcome to the 30's club Sarcy. Being in this age group isnt as bad as one would first think - honest!

    It might be so now, but as you yourself mentioned, being 30 defines a women - you know who you are, you are independent, and you know the type of person you want to be..and want to be with.

    Take heart, there is a silver lining to that grey cloud.. and welcome back to the blogging sphere.

  2. I despise couples walking around holding hands. Bastards.

    But sometimes, I do it too.

    Guess I'm a bastard as well. =P

  3. WOohoo.. I'm 31. But act 15. So does that count?

  4. I'm 31. Life does not stop. And other people shouldn't mess with me. Ha ha ha... I agree with Mirabella. The age defines you, because you know exactly what you want from life.

  5. Women above 30 enjoy sex better. Ask any gynae, they'd agree. There's medical explanation to it.
    I don't know how other 30 something women feel, but I think being 35 is a lot better than 18 or 22 or 25!!!

  6. Hey you're back!

    Why fret? Mature and smart 30s is better than dumb 20s. You are more confident and stronger once you crossed that invisible line. Welcome and enjoy it dear.

    Happy Birthday Sarcy!

  7. Mirabelle,

    Well, still looking for that silver lining babe... well.. kind of anyway.

    Dramatic one,

    Hey welcome! well then, if you say so.. :)


    I act 16...


    I have that too. The thing is, it came naturally. Maybe I am just being a bitch la babe.


    well.. Have yet to discover that yet babe... hahahaha... musim kemarau sekarang!


    erk.. thank you darl, but my birthday was in February... hihihi...