Friday, June 12, 2009

Uber cool!

I got two tags from two people and it is on the Most Uber Amazing Blog award.

Who would have known eh?

These were written about me... (Yes mee....) by the two amazing ladies.


BleepIt- Ahh... what can I say about this lady here? She and I have become chummy over the years. We know how to talk serious talk and how to have fun when fun is in the agenda. She's here to stay.


Bleepit - I don't know her personally but she's the Queen of Crazy! And a fellow Johorean too, Johor rawkss!!!! I love it that she's so foul-mouthed, but not offensive :) Whatever that means...
Hee... Thank you...

The rules:
- Write five (5) interesting facts about the person who gave you this award.
- Jot down ten (10) interesting facts about yourself or your hobbies.\
- Pick your ten (10 or less) most deserving recipients and describe them.\
- Leave a comment on the recipients' blog to tell them they've been tagged.
- Paste the award badge in your sidebar.
- Have fun!

5 interesting facts about Jade:

- We met in a club. I didn't know who she was the first time I met her. It was only after that fateful night did I know that she is a blogger and started dropping comments on her blog. We clicked so well that we end up being real life chums.

- She is the only one person I know who scratches her nose more than anyone does. It is fascinating to talk to her and to look at her scratching her nose every 5 minutes.

- She is forward and to your face and unpretentious, I like!

- I remembered how excited she was when she told me she bought a few cheap tees from a hypermarket. Hee...

- She is one of those people whom I met on the blog who end up as one of my good friends to whom I can confide in.

- She giggles and roll her eyes whenever she said the word 'fiance' / tunang. I responded by laughing out loud. Haa!

5 Interesting fact about Jazzy

- I never met her before but still she shares the same degree of Johor style Craziness as myself and so I feel like I do know her!

- We happen to share the same passion for Tip Top Ikan Bakar in JB.

- I love her food blog, she knows that, still wishing for her to update that blog!

- From her entries, what I can gather is that she is a non judgmental person and a very laid back cool momma when it comes to life. Kudos!

- She hosted the most amazing dinners for her friends with menu that I can only conjure up in my dreams!!!Still wishing I can be a guest... hey.. no pressure!!!! Haha!

10 facts about me:

1) I have conditional OCD. I can be a pain in the ass when it comes to details but there were very few times when I would just not care about anything.

2) I always have problems filling in the 'race' column in forms. I wish they can come up with 'I am Malaysian-lah' option.

3) I have an American accent since I was little without ever being in the US. It was weird because the only exposure I had was Sesame Street (I swear I am not joking!). I was told that it was a bit too obvious when I joined the debate team in school. I was told to 'lessen' the accent and be a bit more Malaysia. As if eating petai is not Malaysian enough. Ugh...

4) I look for challenges all the time. I get bored if something is too easy. I like the adrenaline rush of doing something that requires me to think of what is the best thing that I can ever do to make it better. I guess that is why I am a Team Lead for the busiest shift in the team.

5) I AM a fitness freak. I workout 6 days in a week and spend at least 2 hours in the gym everyday.

6) I honestly think Shitake Mushroom tastes like petai.

7) I am emotionally aloof. I can't handle emotional outbursts (Especially if it comes from a man... a crying man is just the weirdest thing I have to deal with... EVER!) well.

8) Despite #8, sometimes I broke down and starts to cry without any reason what-so-frikkin'-ever.

9) I have a weakness for smart eloquent tall black men who smells great.:P... yelah shoot me!

10) I hate Racists with a passion and never believed in Malay sovereignty. Sorry, I am just not that kind of person. I believe that everyone has equal rights and chances and will have to work hard to get something that they deserve. That can only be achieved through hard work, knucka!

The recipients:

Juan The Beskot Keras hot Momma - She is my inspiration. She was a super career woman who was juggling a powered up position in one of the biggest company in the country. She sure does pack a punch despite her size.

Darlene, the Goddess with a Home Office - I don't know this lady in person. But I love the way she writes. She id funny, smart and extremely honest. Traits that I love in a person.

I award the two of you!!!


  1. my goodness... that scratching nose thingy... i think it has become a habit.. dem! i actually LOL when i read this one...

    and urmm... the last one.. i do that don't i... hehehe....

  2. hellooo there, sangat gembira dan berbesar hati. thank you2

  3. Shitake Mushrooms and Petai???? WTF!! LOL!!!!!!

  4. thanks babe... feel so touched :)

    and welcome back!! :*