Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I realized that I spent way too much time thinking of what to blog nowadays. So I think, I am having a blogger bloc.

No, I don't want to blog about serious stuff. Life is already too serious to start with. Why add on to it.

And I have been busy as hell with work. So... I think that calls for a hiatus.Will come back in time.Don't know when though.

But will check on a this page from time to time.

I will be reachable via Gmail & my Fesbuk (for those who have me on)

Have a good one everybodeh!


  1. Start the how-to series, lah. E.g how to grow beard in 2 days, how to stay awake when you have to attend trainings/work/in a boring meeting etc.
    There's a blog i found through nuffnang that does this but the blogger copy pasted the content from Cleo or something.... hampeh sungguh.

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  3. have a break..

    and have a nice day :)

  4. sarc, finally, i've finished reading your archives. please start writing again soon......

  5. Hv u finished reading that book about the life as a dog ..thing? The one where it says - why does a dog lick his own balls...? Because he can...
    Take it ez yehh...

  6. at times, it is best to be honest with yourself.

    do u blog for others or for your own fulfilment.

    the former could create a tangling conflict. uncertainty arrests the flow of writing quite swiftly.

    the latter leads to self discovery and often, a group of enjoyable readers who share your views.

  7. its been awhile since ive been in blogsphere. i cant decide whether its due (i)to being too busy or (ii) too much to tell but not much to say or (iii) i've just plain lost it or even (iv) all of the above. hope it comes back. sincerely hope you come back too. else who's gonna bleep it... :)

  8. DNAS,

    Maybe I will start the 'How to start over after some b***** turns you off from blogging... hehe..




    you too


    give me Buck's chocolate banana pie and i'll wallop it!


    are you the person I think you are???

    The unknown,
    you reminded me of a very old world diarist... hmm.. Samuel Pepys.

    Me... well.. i just kind of got too busy to think about what to blog about... i love downloding songs though....