Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Teng... Teng... Teng... another bunny boiler bites the dust

Foreword ; Akak Pro, and akak tak petty, and I think petty issues at work are so yesterday. So I deleted the previous whining post and decided to write better posts, lighthearted ones.

I do have class, mind you.

I had a conversation with one of my guy friends, Joe (Bukan Nama Sebenar) yesterday over the phone. He had recently turned single and is now enjoying his quiet time alone. His ex was one who could have hailed from hell, if it’s not for the fact that she wore a tudung and looked like a full fledged human being.

When they were together, I would hear many stories about the nightmarish behavior of the ex. I have never met her, I guess all the stories about her kind of put me off. From public fights to getting physical, and I am not even talking about sex here! Joe broke up with her face to face at her house. She chased him out, swore and called him a ‘time wasting bastard’. She also told him to ‘go home and fuck the bloody whore in the car’ who happened to be my friend who have said yes when he asked her to accompany him.

She (my friend) was spooked by the whole thing. She even swore to me that it was totally unexpected because you just don’t see it coming from the 5 ft petite girl who looked like she had a good up bringing.

“I mean like, we wear bikinis and do bad stuff but babe, I have never heard anything more worst than those words that she shouted at us that night. All of the sudden, I am Joe’s whore lah!”

This is truly a case of the clothes definitely does not make the man. In this case, woman.

I have been told that I swear a lot. But I rarely used anything beyond fuck, bitch or bastard. I lay off swearing in Malay because I can’t help feeling dirty (not in a good way) everytime I did. Words like Puki kote and everything on the same level (Cringing as I type here) just do not sound acceptable to me.

So lil’ miss Joey’s ex here is waaay out of line.

“The last straw was when she pulled up in the middle of the road right after we went over a bumper and the car behind us was like meters away from us. She was punching me in the face, cars were honking and you could see that people were looking at us. I got out of the car, she was shouting at me, I showed her the finger and took a cab home. I have just got back from London babe. That was it. I don’t think about her anymore. The next day, I broke up with her. Even seconds after that, I felt as if all burden have been lifted off my shoulders. She is the one person I hoped to have never met. But I must have for a reason.”

They were together for a year. I rarely got to see him during that period. What I heard from his mates was that the ‘horrific lady’ didn’t like us, his buddies of 5 years much. To avoid problems, he went along her way. I guess love could make you do funny stuff, I could relate to that. She especially had a problem with his girl mates. She checked his cellphone for messages from or to any other girl that was not her and screen his emails.

“Hey, for once I thought, I felt as if I mattered.”

Heck Joe, if someone throws you a chicken on Facebook, you would think you mattered too wouldn’t you.

Well, you are single now Joe, and if that means you can now hang out with us, heck, it will be all that matters. Cheers to that.


  1. Thank god your friend Joe decided to end it. She sounds like a psycho. Eeesshhh! Scary nyer!

    For him to tahan all that shit, sex must be good with her..hehehe...

  2. The cloth doesn't make the woman... betul tuuuuu...
    I'm glad your friend didn't do anything stupid like marrying that girl. She'll be really bad for his health.

    Either sex was damn good, or she's so good at convincing the guy that he'll be getting damn good sex from her. Guys are often fooled by anticipation.

  3. and that my dear friend is your friend's brief encounter with a classic tale of a bunny boiler. Who I must say is quite.. disturbing.


    See?? short, eh, petite girls have big temper to compensate their heights.

    Reason #23532 - Why i dont date vertically challenged girls.

  4. cOSMIC,

    tula pasal. he said he loved her and i asked if it's because of the sex and he said no comment.. yelaaa... the sex MUST have been good!


    the girl is cancerous. :P

    guys and (false) anticipation, could not be true - er laaaa.. hihihi

  5. cok,

    dont end up with one eh, that's all i can say.

    but ah, i dont think your vertically challenged theory is quite right la... i will ask a few vertically challneged people here eh???