Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A friend in need is a friend indeed...

Recently, over YM, I told Sheryl that I was having a small makan – makan raya gathering for my friends. I also told her that I don’t have lots of close friends in JB, no thanks to my 6 years or so in KL before this.

The thing with me and friends is that while I have a lot of people who said they know me, few of them could claim on being my friend. I have to admit, I pick my friends like I pick my fruits. And I am very particular about my fruits. I don’t want to eat any that will give me food poisoning the next day wot? I also have no qualms whatsoever about dropping those who I don’t think deserve my friendship, just like the way I dump ‘buah – buahan busuk’ into the dustbin.

I have a lot of experience with so called friends who were backstabbers in disguise. At the age of 28, I thought I have done well enough to avoid potential excremental holes. But I am only human, so I have been proved wrong time and time again.

I also learnt an important lesson. I know a certain guy who hurt me, twice but he will not abandon me as a friend, he will stick by my side through everything and he will not backstab me. I feel indebted to him, although sometimes he does gets in my nerves.

I don’t collect friends like I collect namecards. As a matter of fact, friends are more like going into a discount stores like Ban Thye and finding out that you could get a cardigan that looked like some designer label stuff at a much much (Try very much)lower price. Often, these things you get for less than RM 100 will be your most prized possession. And often, it’s very unexpected that you will get something decent from a store that is full of Nyonyas and Makciks who decided to browse around carrying plastics of fish and other wet market items.

The rule of thumb is that a friend must know how to appreciate you so much so that you will in turn appreciate them for being around. Not anyone who will turn their backs on you in times of adversity and then bitch behind your back to other people.

I have to admit, being that I am aloof in nature, I tend to miss birthdays, take my friends for granted and sometimes I would not call a few of them for ages. The thing is, I am getting so comfortable being on my own, that I forget my friends, my real friends, ones that would listen to my whining and stuff, and the ones whom I wouldn’t mind lending my shoulder to.

So the small makan-makan raya gathering was my way to make up for it. I sent invitations via email and SMS. It was just a simple do, quite impromptu and I have wanted to only include close friends, friends who know me. Most of them came from my ex workplace, my ex boss and one of my booze partner (The other one couldn’t make it) We got together, talked like old times, eat and be merry while watching The Ring Two on CINEMAX. My ex-boss was terrified and the kids, well, they were more fascinated, I thought than scared.

After this, will be the numerous open houses I have to attend. More food, more bloating and more mingling.

Who says keeping a friend or being a friend is easy now?


  1. ain't that the truth. we are so busy with our own life that we forgot the rest. so thank god for emails/smses and now facebook :D

  2. Thanks to Friendster, Multiply, Blogging, Facebook and SMS for the facilities to stay in touch. But, still we have to commit at least 2 hours a week to poke/msg/send comments to our friends.

  3. hehe... virtual friends for the time being... i can't help but agree with d.n.a.s... shit man... 2 hours tu pun belum cukup. facebook is so addictive. but at least you know your friends are in touch with you one way or another.

    luv u babe.

  4. Sarcy dear,

    If i'm in jay bee for sure i'll drop by your place. You know that kan?

    True, friends come and go. It's difficult.

  5. MsD,

    yup, in my case, i only enjoyed the company of my friends one at a time, not into group outings much becvause you have to divide your attention to too many kan..


    i dont actually spend too much time poking ppl la... hik... add me as your virtual friend, boleh la bertepok bertampo.

  6. beskot,

    i guess so la, but you know the nature of my work la kan... where have time...

    laf you too babeh


    ya meh?? but you never come to JB also...