Monday, October 29, 2007

Mind Blocks

I can’t figure out a few things for the last few weeks.

Number 1; I don’t get what is so great about the first ‘Angkasawan to be in space’. So the dude got into a space suit, float around in a space shuttle and had ketupat rendang in space, someone please tell me what is so significant about that? The Chinese just launched a rocket on China’s soil on their own effort, now THAT is something to be proud of. They maybe learnt it from the Russians or even the Americans, but at least they launched their own space probe.

And we have to sit back, watch the government spend millions of OUR money not to get a piece of the technology but to send some guy to space. Recently, a certain satellite TV station even offered an autographed electric guitar signed by the two ‘Angkasawans’, knowing that they could not play a decent tune on it for squat. I mean, like showing off a guitar signed by George Benson is another thing altogether, but by some dude who went to the moon? Not as if they played the frikkin’ guitar in space!

I mean, How do you even supposed to awe people with it if you win it?

Dude 1: Yo. I won this guitar from this contest I joined. Like it is signed man.

Dude 2 : Cool. By who man? Richie Sambora, Marilyn Manson?

Dude 1 : Naw man! by the first Angkasawan man...

Dude 2 : ...

Dude 1 : Umm, you know I think the pick is made of of the Coke can they had in the frikkin shuttle dude...

Dude 2 : Like Whoa man!(On the pick that was believed to have made from a Coke can in space.)

Question to the executives over at the Satellite TV station, wouldn't a high powered telescope worth RM 10 000 as a price and a contest aired on Discovery Channel make more sense?

Number 2; I have been in the company that I am presently attached to for a year and a half, but I have yet to accustom myself to the whole company culture.

The thing about my previous high profiled job was that I worked with a bunch of people who, although complained about a lot of things, they just know how to have a good time. We were close knitted colleagues, who even went out during weekends, go to hang out at each other’s houses and cook good food (whenever we feel like it-la. On my side, it would usually be a treat at the Mamak shop having biryani on payday. Me cook? Maybe when I get married I’ll be like Cookie @ Juan and see the kitchen as my therapy chamber.)

I know everybody from the people in Administration, all the dudes in maintenance and even the hotel people, and when we get together, all hell broke loose. One thing about us PR people is that we can talk… and we WILL talk.

But here? I don’t know. It seemed that this job has totally put a damper on my communication skills. The people here are always so… formal. I wished Anna is still the manager, at least she knows how to be one. I actually took MCs eversince I joint this company. I am swallowing vitamin pills to keep myself healthy! I didn’t do that in the old company. The reason being that the adrenaline rush then keeps me going and I rarely get the sniffles.

And I honestly do not know why is it that I feel this way. I am pretty adaptable. I could adapt given any kind of situation or environment. I am a corporate chameleon, serious in meetings, get things done and when it’s time to let my hair down, I do.

But… Sigh.

I am right now, working hard to just focus on my work, deliver the best I could. This is only because I am very hopeful to go back to College for another degree, and this job is the kind where I don’t have to be on call on weekends.

Wish me luck eh?

Number 3; My Dad is against hanging decorative mirrors in the living room.

The thing is we are moving in a couple of months to a bigger house and I wanted to decorate it my way, which is okay by them except for the mirror part.

I have a bit of flair in decorating, so I know a beautiful mirror gives the oomph factor in a room.

But my Dad said no, not mirrors.

When asked why, he said that it was because when he was growing up, people in the ‘kampung’ rarely hang mirrors in the house. Apparently, the people back then believe that mirrors will crack and fall off the wall during a thunderstorm.

How it works is like this. Mirrors attract lightning and that’s why houses must never hang mirrors, lest they want it to be struck.

“Yeah… but most houses now do have lightning conductor cables I think, if technology hasn’t better that concept yet.”

It wasn’t me alone that gave him the ‘Duh’ look when he told us about the whole mirror – lightning factor. There was my sister and my brother.

“Final say, aye to mirrors.”

3 against two. Barely but we won.

“You guys better cover them mirrors with cloth everytime it rains.” He went.

Umm… okay then. Still not getting it.


  1. I'm in situation Number 2. Just like you. I even prayed that my hubby finds some high paying job in the middle eastern countries so that I could resign and follow him.

  2. But how to check yourself before u go out if theres no mirror? vain so yeah mirror is a must!!

  3. Dnas,

    at least you have an option. i dont okay? mak is going to be stuck in the same company for at least 2 more years. because i think one year does not look impressive on the resume kan?


    Tula pasal.. finally someone who share my narcissitic requirements... hehehe....