Monday, October 8, 2007

Raya post round one

Earlier tonight, I went to a mall in search for a set of Raya curtains for the house. A shirt caught my Dad’s eye and while waiting for the correct size, I stood at the men’s section trying to not yawn for the 100th time.

And then came this boy of about 4 years old. He was in his baju melayu, had a bit of chocolate stains on his cheeks and was bopping towards me. He stopped in front of me and looked up, and smiled.

And erk… I smiled back, I mean courtesy is not always between adults eh?

The boy then walked a few steps back and disappeared behind an offer bin, not until he dashed out again after a few seconds and hid back again.

By then, it became obvious that he wanted me to be his playmate.

I didn’t go to the extent of hiding behind an offer bin and dash out like him. I don’t want to scare some unsuspecting shopper and be escorted out of the premises, but I made little gestures of being surprised.

I enjoyed the game, he did too, until he was picked up by his Dad who profusely apologized for his son’s behavior. What if I told the parents that it was his genuine show of interest that made my whole day a lot more better?

Raya is a lot of work.

I realized that once I stopped being a student and started becoming an adult, with responsibilities and all that jazz.

Sometimes I really just don’t get it. Why couldn’t we just buy new drapes whenever we want to and not wait until a specific occasion? Or why couldn’t I just buy Baju Kurungs when they don’t mark up the price like crazy?

I and my family spent the whole weekend going out to malls getting last minute stuff. Table cloth, matching cushions for the Brown and Burgundy theme I have set up specifically for this year’s Eid, scarves for our outfits, expensive bamboo woven mats, etc.

The strangest thing is, I have yet to find my second Raya outfit but I have already bought my third Raya shoes.

Sometimes humans just behave in strange ways. It’s the same with any other celebrations. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s.

Why can’t we just do the things that we do on these days on every other day?

But, there is one thing that I am glad we only have to give out once in a year, and that is Raya money. With more than 20 little cousins waiting on tow with their smiley faces and big Raya packet pockets, we could not possibly do ‘that’ any other day without an occasion. Akak ‘po the kai’ nanti gitew.


  1. setuju sgt part yg last skali tu.:D

  2. so nice.. so many raya shoes.. I coli raya pun tak mampu beli sob sob sob

  3. a'a yek...betullah tu! btw, selamat hari raya noks.

  4. Semalam I pegi tukar duit raya kat bank. Lama gila beratur. I nampak ada orang yang tukar sampai beribu-ribu hinggit! Isy, kaya raya betul orang Malaysia ni.

  5. hihi..