Thursday, September 27, 2007

I am in a blogging mood, so I blog

It was the first time in my years as a Starbucks yuppie that I ever come across such … behaviour.

Lovey dovey couples, I could handle, posers drinking the ice blendeds, I could handle, but this one really takes the cake.

After about three hours, one hot and one iced Mocha, I decided to make a move. I was putting away my stuff into my laptop bag when I was alerted by a fellow Starbucks yuppie (let’s just call him Prick) who had this I-own-the-fucking-place-and-bitch-you-are-on-my-sofa look all over his face.

“Could you hurry up or not?”

He asked me. His tone was commanding, arrogant, in an uncivilised even immoral way.

And I in my glorious stubborn bull headed attitude said;


And despite my intention to leave, I calmly switched on my laptop. I called for a staff who is my friend who also happened to be on duty at that time (It pays to know someone in your friendly Starbucks outlet!) and ordered for another hot mocha, with a bag of chips, and heck, another chocolate chip muffin.

“You not leaving ah?”

And again, I in my glorious stubborn bull headed attitude said;

“No. Got problem ah?”

My friend is already standing by beside me, just in case it gets ugly. Annoyed,Prick went back to his place. He literally threw his drink on the table. He was muttering some swear words under his breath, possibly Cantonese, I think broken EEngrishh.

My friend whom I was supposed to meet up with for a movie, came in a few minutes after and asked if I am ready to go. I asked him to sit down and order something. Afterall, the movie is only going to be in an hour’s time.

I know you guys think I was being petty. I knew that there was a possibility of the prick shouting at me because I refused to go. But you know, we sometimes do things in the moment, this is one of my ‘moments’. Besides, he is a rude prick, and rude pricks don’t get my respect and they most definitely don’t deserve it.

I could have given him the space if he was nice, if he smiled, and if he added the word ‘please’ at the end of his request. But he didn’t.

In what world do Sarcy give in to mannerless Pricks eh? Not in this one.


  1. i'd do the same thing if i were in your shoes... These people ought to learn some manners cos it doesn't hurt to be polite.

  2. Hahaha.... serves him right.
    I got 'that look' sometimes, especially when I melepak tak ingat dunia at the sofa nearest to the power points. But, who cares..... they gave me 'that look', I gave them a meaner look. Hmmmm... the advantage of being a big sized girl. Orang takut kat I wooooo!

  3. omg...he is so dum ....
    by reading also i am so grhhhh with that person...

  4. bESKOT,

    tulah pasal. i mean, not as if you have manners then you kena langgar kereta kan??


    alaaaa.... first come first serve la. all is fair. afterall, bukannya got their name pun on the sofa or the power point kan? tak suka, pi Mamak.


    you should have been there. :P

  5. Babe,

    Do go to my blog.. you've been awarded.

  6. wut a prick.he totally deserved it lah.

  7. hehe, I would have done the same. you were lucky to have more time (and mood) to kill.

    seriously prick, there are nicer ways to get what you want, especially from a lady, or anyone for that matter. try 'hi, are you leaving? can I put my stuff here? just to reserve the spot, thanks'
    You might make a friend or two.
    but we all know pricks like you don't do that, so piss off.

  8. Sheryl, aiyo... who am i going to nominate here babe???


    tulah...i mean, can you just believe people like this pun got eh?


    i think the prick does not understand the term piss off.. HAahahaha...