Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Puasa blues

I am writing this not because I actually have something to say, but I am writing this because I need to do something to keep me awake.

One thing about Ramadhan is that you tend to be awake until the wee hours of the night more often than you would like because you have more energy.

For the past few days, my one hour break time was spent sleeping in my car under the shade. The reason being it is impossible for one to take a nap in the noisy call centre.


And now, whenever my friends call me on the phone asking how was my day, my standard answer would be ‘tiring’.

Tak percaya, silalah call saya.

I am yawning as I type, every limbs and ligaments yearning for the time to go faster so the brain would instruct the body to speed off in her car, break fast and just sleep already.

But I know the moment I finished my break fast, sleep would not be in the schedule. I still have my TV, my laundry, my play time with my cats (Lest I want them to ignore me for not being the good lure slave I have always been), my occasional mamak / McD trip with close friends and also of course, my internet.

That effing Yahoo games are so damn addictive.

And then, there is this business about sahur.

I remembered a friend telling me this one fact of what sets apart our (as in Muslims’) fast from any other fasting practice in other religion. The fact is that we are the only ones who would prep for our fast the next day, and so that is why it is important to have Sahur, so we could differentiate ourselves from other religions.

My response to that was indifferent. I mean, it did come from a man who told me that he is horny 24-7 a day. But then, who is a saint anyway right? Let’s drink our bandung soda to that!


  1. eh, entree kita sama hari ni :D

  2. I rasa sungguh lemah lah today eventhough baru balik dari klcc