Sunday, September 9, 2007

Hobi saya ialah…

When I was a kid, my hobbies were many.

I mean, which kid would not be tempted to collect stamps and even HotWheels when everybody else in the school was doing the same? Peer pressure was massive.

I remembered when a classmate brought her stamp books and bragged about it. It was THE in thing circa 1987. I was so impressed by her perfect rows of stamps from countries, some at that time, I have never even known existed.

Although I was also an avid collecter at that time, all I had were stamps from Malaysia, Singapore and Belgium and even that was because I have pen – pals (Yes… I did have pen-pals, paid bloody twenty bucks for it too! (and that only after I rolled on the floor asking my parents for the money).

“Korang tak ada kan setem – setem cam ni? Saya punya Ayah selalu pergi England. Dia kata sana sejuk.”

And I would be listening to her stories intently, wowed by her show of affluence. I also envied the girl whose Mum would be waiting for her at the gate after school everyday in her then trendy Proton Saga aeroback. Back then, anyone who has more than one car in a household was ‘kaya’. And her dad, was the ‘Kaya’ sort. And heck, at least she didn’t have to squeeze through smelly kids in the school bus.

Anyway, back to hobbies.

My hobbies when I was a kid were many. I collected stamps, stickers, paper dolls, books, comics and even started my very own dried leaf collection using my used up exercise books. I also remembered there was also a time when every kid in school were totally psyched over the feather phenomenon (we put a feather in our textbooks and ‘fed’ it wooden pencil shavings. Back then you will have to be ‘kaya’ to have a mechanical pencil.). Everyone who was anyone dabbled in it.

Besides being a collector, I was also the artistically inclined one in the family. I write short stories, I drew sketches and I rolled on the floor again begging my parents to buy me a set of Buncho crayons for my ‘Masterpieces’.

Now, at the age of 28, and personally, in a way, ‘kaya’, I lost touch with my wanting to have a hobby. I still write, not short stories but I write, and sometimes, I sketched on my A5 size pads which I brought with me everywhere I go. At the moment, I am in search for a ballroom dance class. Found one in Senai near my workplace but my ‘partner’ thinks it is too far.

It’s a hobby I am looking for, and I think, Salsa should be good for the soul, and so should Tango.

Now, will someone please tell me why are all these websites in Chinese? What now, Malays can’t do Rhumba izzit!!?

Twisties with his idea of a hobby, tackling lures.


  1. Yup, been there, but haven't done that. I was asking around for dance class last year, even tried looking for instruction videos but all I could see were aerobics and yoga stuff. I also tried to download from the internet, with no luck of course. I guess serious learners have to sign up for professional lessons.

    Nope, can't see meself spending on that one at the moment. Cheap little me won't even pay for gym. Maybe it's just not my hobby, yet.

  2. another reason to come to kl.. salsa is more happening here... lebih ramai kaki.. mwahahaha..

  3. Agus,

    i think you already have plenty of hobbies innit?


    hahaha, like who you?? i thought you have two left feet?? ahhhahahaha