Thursday, September 6, 2007

Hek Eleh!

I wear bikinis. Is that too hard to believe that I do just because I am half Malay?

I find forwarded emails on certain local Malay celebrities frolicking on the beach in their bikinis amusing and most definitely… umm… well… what’s the word, stupid.

Why be judgmental on things like that? But then again, this is Malaysia, and in Malaysia, judgmental is only but a Malaysian behavior. Instead of thinking about more serious matters at hand like having to pay bloody income tax but to still drive on bad roads and having blackouts every 2 days (Yeah it has been that often) we are concerned about public figures wearing floral two piece showing their buff bodies on the beach.

Like… come on, talk about trivial.

I also don’t like receiving all the Halal and Non – Halal emails. I have to admit, I am not particular about this, and heck, more power to all those who really takes care of what goes into their mouths, but I would prefer them to just keep forwarding those emails to like minded individuals and not me. I would delete it just after reading the subject header.

Speaking about being judgmental and such, one misconception that others have on me would be that I don’t read Malay literatures. This might surprise some, but as a matter of fact I do. I adore A. Samad Said, and the very controversial Shahnon Ahmad, Adibah Amin, and the delectable fusion of east and west in Zakaria Ali’s works. Don’t know them? Then you don’t know what you are missing.

So with everything laid out in the open, let’s make a deal, no forwarded emails on celebrities baring their abs on beaches and how Starbucks is not Halal cause I don’t frikkin’ care.

You dig?

If banyak sangat cekadak, go here - la.


  1. Marah nampak kak?

    Sabar kak, sabar.

    I wear bikini too. So what's wrong with that kan? Nak tengok, tengok. Tak nak tengok, sila tutup mata.

    Jahat sgt ke kalau pakai bikini tu?

    Yup, am still going to Starbucks to gte my fix. Go ahead and send me more emails lah.. and i just delete those.

    Thank you.

  2. If you have it, flaunt it ! That's what I say..after all, you only live once...and you beat me to that setarbak pic:))

  3. hehe, i've seen this setarbak pix before, mmg kelakar aaa hahaha

    p.s buek bodo jo pada mereka2 iteww

  4. if you are a Muslim..
    then i am very sad to actually read what you just said
    and to know your stance on and about
    the bikini and especially the halal-haram thingy

    tak tahu, terbuat, tak berdosa
    belum tahu, perlu bertanya
    dah tau, buat juga, memang berdosa

    Allah Maha Besar
    mati itu pasti

  5. Sheryl,

    u know me and people dictating how i should live my life, it doesnt go down well with my digestive system, u follow??

    Seeking Solace,

    laf the beaches, hate the men.




    ignoring them big time.

    and to all people who disagreed with what i ahve put up here..

    heck, i dont drag you into this did i?

  6. you care what ppl think or agree? I don't!
    But well...if it's within limits..why not?...

    Pleasing ppl is a task..I dun do...