Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Yoga-ta be kidding when you say feel your anus.. right

I practice Yoga.


It is a practice that's close to my heart and there is a reason that Yoga plays such an important part in my life, now.

For one, I am in operations. There are times when I get... frustrated.

And when I am frustrated, I would be stressed.

And when I am stressed, it would ruin my whole entire day. Sometimes... week.

I  like the physical challenges of Yoga.

But, being the smart ass that I am and a complete spiritual moron, I still find it hard to swallow some of the Yoga jargons.

I mean.. it is interesting to see how westerners are just so... over the top in instilling a yogi way of life.

I know Australians call us 'Angry Vegetarians', for a reason I could not comprehend.

And no, I am not a vegetarian, although I love eating them (Vegetables, not Vegetarians). And I try to have a meat free week in a month.

I am not one of those very dedicated Yogis who turned Vegetarian / Vegan (yes there is a difference) and I don't know squat about Macro/Micro diets as well. I don't mind eating organic or inorganic produce although I try to be selective whenever I have the chance. It doesn't help that organic produce are just too damn expensive.

I am just.. in the middle. I love my meat, but I try not to eat too much of them, I love vegetables but the thought of never again having meat is daunting to me.

In short I do everything in moderation. It's good actually because truthfully, I really have no self control whatsofrikkinever.

So I was in the Yoga class I join in the gym and I actually broke a smile and chuckled when the instructor said :

'... Yes... feeeeel your ANUS...'

I can't help it... I mean yes I know what it means, but... seriously, if you are a beginner you would suddenly have the need to...


Which can be offending to other more serious Yogis.

Me.. I can see the humor in everything.. well except for maybe incompetence.

On a serious note though... Yoga helps.

... and it helps that HUGH JACKMAN is a budding Yogi too.

Niiice Chaturanga Mr. Jackman.

*Tabik Spring*


  1. Really?
    Feel your anus?
    I feel it everyday of my life.
    It's one of the constants in life that one can depend on.
    The anus is your friend.
    That's why we call them asshole's.

  2. Hahaha!!!! no la.. my best friends are not anuses. lol!