Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The not so interesting life of moi

I find people's observation interesting.

Mainly because they thought my life is uber cool and interesting. Some of them even thought that my life is allll about non stop parties and dating one guy after another.

The truth is, my life is rather plain and... uninteresting.

Of course they would beg to differ. They think that just because I have a set of beliefs that is not relatable to religion, the fact that I believe in God more than I believe in the man made notion of religion, my life MUST be interesting.

After all... I am a rebel, no?

I work almost 24 hours every day (which sounds rather ... sad) and I am never apologetic about it. I spend my money on Yoga magazines, books and stuff (shoes, bags, dresses, tops, bottoms, Antipodean coffee... you know, s t u f f) and I have two adult cats, 4 kittens and eat boring healthy food.

I am into low fat yoghurt veg curries, quinoa and wholemeal breads.

Mayo makes me puke and too much meat makes me an instant grouch.

The only thing that I guess I am making waves with is the fact that I love bikinis, the sun, the beach and I am dating (until further notice) a Scottish guy who will not buy me anything in fear of insulting me.

I am actually proud to announce that I have a boring life... at least I am on top of my game and is still able to rock life the way God intended.

Rock life people!

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