Friday, March 2, 2012

This little thing I would like to call.. my life

Okay.. first attempt in blogging via android.

Being the old fashioned hippie that I have always been, I have to say that I would prefer the old fashioned tapoing away on the keyboard as opposed to the silent touch of this tablet PC.

*Missing my laptop...* -facepalm.

Aaanyway... yesterday was an interesting day, one of it being that I was, for some reason extremely irritated with the current going ons in the political front...

Or rather... the religious front....

Or.. wait... isu semasa... oh wait ... Erykah Badu was involved.

And as usual, I'll be fucked to make that out... really.

Seriously... my confusion is that of a laughable one. While I am trying my best to look the other way... I ... c a n ' t HELP it.

I guess it is really not a good thing that I am here blogging in my favorite capuccino / detox joint.

OK OK.... I am going to walk off the oh so yummy pumpkin, sage and feta pasta dish I had for lunch( I just spelled lunch as 'kunch')...

Hmmm... damn you touch screen!

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  1. It takes a while but eventually you will get it.
    Which tablet did you buy?

    1. Own... Acer Iconia. It calls out to me.:-)