Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Positivity part 2

So lately, well actually, during the beginning of the year... well, actually way before that... (yeah... bear with me) I have been doing a lot of thinking.

I have to admit... I am sort of ticked off by.. umm.. positive people.

Yes... things will work out despite the fact that the world is somehow going to end and that all living thing will die... someday and I can't help but to think that we will all end up as specks in the universe.

Tiiiiiiiiny dots of invincible ..... s p e c k.

Totally insignificant.

But that's the thing though isn't it? The whole purpose of life is to be recognized that we are h e r e.... and in our own world... we are ... significant....

One way or the other.

To someone else that is... I doubt a speck is ever going to be able to feel the sense of significance.

So .... I guess what I am trying to say here is that no matter how low we feel... or we think we are... someone else might be thinking of you... good thoughts la.

No I am not feeling low because it kind of takes a lot to make me feel low or for me to care too much nowadays. I care about people who matter of course... but can't be bothered to have an opinion on people I can't be bothered with.

But I know that I am not supposed to do that of course... because all of us contribute to life itself... no?

*slurping post workout latte .... temporary... BLISS...

To be continued... somewhat...

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  1. Why should we bother?
    To a speck or not to be?
    Being positive to me is rather straight forward, I chose it to be.
    The day goes on regardless of our mood.
    The sun rise and set despite our anger.
    Our enemies still make more money than me even though I believe him to be a douche bag.
    So if what we feel us not going to make a difference than why bother?

    So I choose to be happy because not being so won't make the world go any faster.

    My two and a half cents.

  2. Yeah.. and the reality is that my Iconia was still snatched in public. Haha... I am staying positive right now.. strangely.. feeling rather dumb and enlightened at the same time.