Sunday, March 4, 2012

Karmic realization

I had a long and meaningful talk with The Scotsman earlier today. I spent the remaining of my last non-working weekend with him at the pool and on our walk to our usual coffee spot.

We talked about stuff, cars, work, played angry bird :P on my Iconia, relationships and Karma.

He is going through a sticky situation right now and none of it was his fault to begin with. Well, I have no reason to elaborate further but suffice to say, I hope the people involved is going to be on the receiving end of something not so good for the rest of the year, provided it happen after The Scotsman has severed all involvement with the group of people.

I read something on Karma in this month's Yoga Journal, and so during our weekly coffee session, I turned to him and told him this :

"Sweetie, whatever bad things that you are facing right now, just take it as negative karma being taken away from you. just know that positive karma is coming your way, soon."

I know he is frustrated, I know he is tired, and not a day went by without me trying to pray for him that things will get better. It will... WILL. He is demotivated and he is feeling as if the world has turned its' back on him.

Which is somewhat the way I am feeling right now. I am on that level where I am feeling as if my efforts don't matter, as if everything that I am struggling to do, is not working. I trusted the wrong people, and I am pretty much feeling... obsolete... sometimes. Unappreciated.

But, I told myself to just keep on doing what I am doing... keep on having that sincerity... although it's fast depleting. My patience running thin too.

At the moment, I am helping The Scotsman with whatever I can help with. I would like to think, if I am ever going to be in that situation, I would like someone to be there to help me.

Karma, in its' simplest definition is ... the Golden Rule.

So... he shall prevail... and I shall too.

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