Monday, January 30, 2012

February is when I...



I was having capuccino with The Partner when he asked me, Wtf was wrong with me all weekend.

He offended me previously by something he did. Now that I think about it, I am soooooo a woman.


I was fiddling with my spoon... and was going through the newspaper, which TP thought was amusing because I NEVER read a  newspaper in front of him before.

And then I went :

"You know I am about to be 33 soon."

He shrugged.

"Yeah. Still very young, pet..."

He calls me 'Pet'... designation of affection.

I guess.

"I have achieved nothing." I said... eyes almost tearing. I looked away. WILL NOT BE A WUSS IN FRIKKIN' PAVILION... IN PUBLIC.

"Wait... Remember what you said to me back in July last year... when it was my birthday?"

FYI... I never knew his birthday. I know the month but I never knew and I refrained myself from asking about the date.

Although I did give him a birthday present, on the fly.

"You said, age is just a number, and that things will be fine, soon."

He reached over and gave me a kiss on my cheeks.

I.. Umm... WE did a PDA... huh....

After that we walked to KLCC taking the new elevated pedestrian walkway... Kind of cool...

And then again, when we were back in Pavilion, we displayed a PDA... he flung his arms around my neck, trying to clamp me.

Oi... and it's not even February yet.

*Smacks self*

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