Sunday, January 22, 2012


I had on many masks.

Well, at least, that was what I have been told.

One of my relatives. whom my family had a fall out with (And I personally, never try to recover the crack) thought that I am lazy. I am not the typical woman who would go and help out with the cooking or whatever else when I go back to my Grandparent's house.

With over 6 people in the kitchen, I think they would not be missing my absence.

She also thinks that I am a loser, just because I am still yet to be married. And did say that I will never choose anyone of my kind.

Well, I am pulling a good salary and is in a good position right now. And yes, I will NEVER choose anyone who is a Malaysian, especially Malays.

Hey, I tried. Malays are just stupid ignorant chauvinistic bunch. At 33, I have my standards and lowering it now is kind of redundant.

Another ex colleague recently told the new QA I hired that I am a party animal.

That might be me before I hit 26.

Now, I am a self professed, boring 33 year old.

(I will only turn 33 in February, but I figured... what's the effing difference anyway, you will be 33 no matter what, unless I am dead)

I don't go out to clubs or pubs. Even if I do, it would be with my bosses and my fellow colleagues.

The only thing exciting about me would be my shoes, dresses and bags collection. And my growing book collection.

(I am a traditionalist. I still buy paperbacks and refuse to use the Kindle that was given to me as a present a year ago. Unless I decided to go travel a lot, then I might just load all of Pratchett's and Dickens and stuff the tablet into my hand luggage)

I used to think that one of my best friends was an arrogant ass.

After sometime, little did we expect that we would be best friends.

The thing is, whatever kind of perspective that we decided to portray on a certain individual, 95% of it turned out to be wrong.

Ok maybe 80%. I am choosy when it comes to friends. And I am vain.

Well... Happy Chinese New Year from the Earth Goat!

*Bleats and signing out*


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