Saturday, February 11, 2012


Ok... So I am guilty of not updating this avenue of expression since January.

*Dusting off the cobwebs*

But... It's not as if it will contribute to 'Masalah Negara' (National Issue??) anyways.

Today.. yes today... I turn 33.

I started it off at 12 am, chilling out with my bosses aka good friends at a friendly neighborhood pub.

In the midst of 90% of men and about oh I don't know 6 women, I was downing Kilkennys with Mutton pizza (Which was oh so good) and Deep Fried Tofu.

Earlier in the morning at about 1.30 am, I was with my best friend and one of my colleagues, at a McDonald's, eating junk food.

Hell... I am getting old... therefore, I am allowed.

Anyway... there I was at a pub, with a half pint of Kilkenny and fabulous food, plus fantastic laid back company.

We can't help it, of course... our conversation is a mixture of politics, work and other cheeky stuff.

At the stroke of midnight, my friends wished me and we throw back a couple of Tequilas and then a glass of Scotch. I received wishes from my Mum, and my two best friends called me singing ever so off key (Lol) the famous song for people who got a year older.

There were no cakes, no presents (I will get em' but I am a difficult person to buy prezzies for. Presents equates to Lacoste T - dress and Rabeanco Bags.. but I am realistic Haha!) ... but I feel blessed.

I must knock this half full thing in my head. Might as well, since I am approaching mid thirties.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday Sarc :) Such a cute little boy u have there..nephew?

  2. Cosmic, hehe thanks! the cutie is my bestie's kid. :) oh yes and he IS painfully cute.

  3. happy late birthday.
    and 33 is not bad number ... its time to make it wild ... :D