Monday, June 27, 2011

So... what happened?

I find it odd when people asked me that.

Especially, when I know, without asking, that it had something to do with The Scotsman.

I would usually shrug, looked down at my brand new shoes (One of the many I have decided to splurge on) and said...

"Well... nothing. We enjoy each other's company."


The truth is, I have decided to de-tach myself from The Scotsman. He is still a dear friend, and whenever we can, we will hang out together. We still text stupid blonde, Scottish and Nationalist jokes once in a while.

But there is just something screaming at the back of my brain telling me that I need to slow down. Take a step back, go to higher ground and take the view in from there.

I have to learn how to let go of all sarcasm on being in love, relationships and marriage in order for me to think about things, objectively.

Objectively, I am not supposed to be feeling any kind of contempt towards the subject of relationships and marriage, men and babies, housewives and jetsetters, smart vs dumb people.

Objectively, I am supposed to see everyone as having their own agenda in life. It varies from having a certain level of intellect to not having any.

At 32, I learnt that shit happens, and it hits the fan in a big way. But I also believe that things happen for a reason, and when that happen, we will be thinking to ourselves, why the fuck didn't I think of that before.

Afterall, I am no Wonderwoman.

Speaking of Wonderwoman, I grew up wanting to be a flying bad ass in star studded blue lycra-ish underwear and a gold bustier.

I remembered faintly of me wearing my mother's oversized 'kain batik' jumping from the sofa /bed/cabinet/my Grandpa's dog trying to act like Wonderwoman.

I heard about Hollywood attempt at mortalizing the bra busting hooligan ass kicking woman on the silver screen.

What I didn't know was that Megan Fox, the chick who got dumped from Transformers is the one who is going to be filling in Wonderwoman's red boots.

For what it's worth, she does look like Wonderwoman, the skinnier version.

But then again, Wonderwoman never actually looked chubby.

Look at those jugs... How can you not want to terrorize your cat and the house dog in that?

A pity about the camel toe bit though.


  1. Funny - that Megan Fox aka Wonder Women is my lock screen on my iPhone.

    Dont worry too much about all of those ppl who are nosey babes. At the end of the day, they aint you. And whose to say it wont work out sometime down the track? :)

  2. Mirebella, Aww thanks babe.

    At the moment, I am living life like I am going to die tomorrow. Aside from work, I don't really plan what I want to do. Although I do feel a tinge of envy of those who know exactly what and when to do the stuff.

    Oh well.. Que Sera sera no?