Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I have resolved to NOT talk about my personal life ie--love life on my blog.

I know I know, I have made that mistake sooo many bloody times... but I think I have been quite succesful these past few days no?

I shrugged it off even when my close friends ask me about it. I don't see the point to be 'transparent' about that part of my life.

If I get engaged, if I get married then I would certainly share it here so that you guys can go and buy Da Ma Cai (a kind of lottery), lotto or go to a casino in Genting to win big.

Don't worry, I am very nice that way.. remember hor... 20% my share ah?!


An acquaintance actually told me that I am the most 'positive and influential' individual he had ever known.

This is mainly because of my dedication and the hamstring splitting stretching discipline I have on my fitness regime.

It is sooo painful that it's oh so gewd.... (The workout discipline that is... not the fact that I 'am' positive and ehem..influential)

I told him that he doesn't know me well enough to say that.

I am the most pessimistic person 'I' know. Optimism had never been my First, Last or Middle name.

I am always expecting the worst, I guess that's why I am so good in managing operations, because I am the damage control person. Every implementation comes with step by step on 'how to not panic and salvage the fucked up situation.... now that it is already fucked up' plan.

I never won anything except for the I-Pod Nano I got in the lucky draw last year.

I remembered when I was 10, when my brother was an avid Ribena drinker, I took part in the contest, wanting to win myself a Personal Computer (The reeeaaallly big one). The contest needs you to have proof of purchase so I was lucky in a way that my brother seemed to be a ribena-holic.

10 thousand forms (I am .. exaggerating) and many many sessions of lugging the heavy glass bottle of ribenas later, I didn't win.... ANYTHING.

Not even the consolation prize.

All I got was about 10 plastic Ribena Berry mugs, even that was because the 'uncle' at the grocery shop maybe took pity on me and decided to give me, the ribena buyer, something to be excited for.

So.. yes... I never won anything.

But if I win the I-Pad at the coming company appreciation dinner, I would definitely post it here so that the rest of you can go and 'beli nombor ekor.' (Malaysian term for buying lottery ticket somehow)

I don't think I am ever good for anyone. It could be a million things that contributed to this. I am not rich enough, I am not smart enough, I am not pretty enough, I am not perky enough... etc ... etc....

See how I am not all Miss Sunshiney day here?

But somehow, now, my workout enables me to have a better outlook on life, now that I kind of have a purpose in life (To be fitter), I am ... alright... not Ms. Positivity of course, maybe... in the middle...

I swear, sometimes that's how my actual handwriting looks like...

Oh well... It's a Thursday everyone!


  1. what?? no dating stories anymore? :p

  2. Positive thinking is not about sunshine. But about the ability to move ahead even when everyone has given up.
    Which is why pessimistic people makes the most positive actions. We expect the world to fuck up and leave us to pick it all up. Its the constant in life, along with death and tax.