Wednesday, June 22, 2011


The English translation for the above word would be :


And I am not referring to the 'lazy Sunday' concept.

Some people just have this laid back take to improvement. They are lazy to make the effort on making themselves better.

And instead of acknowledging that they need help, they bitched about the people who wants to help them.

On top of that, they would usually give excuses that would, quite pathetically, make them sound as if, they are not at fault at all.

And despite getting multiple warnings and 'talks' with their superiors on 'performance', they decided, hell... I am not going to do a flying fuck about it. Fuck them!

These people would usually tell these things to other people when they bad talk about their work :

1) Hello. I don't need a fucked up bitch to tell me what to do. -- Most 'fucked up bitch' who tells you what to do, have their own reason on telling you what to do. It's when the 'fucked up bitch' stops telling you what to do that tells you, you are in deep shit.

2) Without this job, I can still live. Sedangkan ulat bawah batu pun boleh hidup, ini kan aku! (Even worms under a rock is able to survive, why not me?) --- my usual slap back for this would be --- Kau ulat ke? Pergi makan tanah sekarang! (Are you a worm? Go eat dirt now!)

3) This is just a stepping stone for me. I have yet to find out what's my true potential! --- Your true potential now is to be a person who will spend their whole life trying to find out what's their potential which might not be any at all!

In the end, there is only 1 thing that can sum up the excuses they try to give to people.

It's simply because you are ----- LAZY aka MALAS.

When people who are trying to help you just one day decided that, I can't do this, that's when you know you are in real trouble.

I have come across people like these a lot lately. And I have only been a manager for less than 2 years now.

And being a manager is nothing to be bragged about. A manager has to put in extra effort, and I have always believed that when you are a manager, you don't actually have people to work for you. In reality, the manager themselves are the ones who are busting their ass to work for their staff.

True story.

Of course, if you are a manager who thinks you are doing things just by shouting at your staff, then you wouldn't be able to relate to this particular definition of a manager.

Susah. Nak tolong tak boleh, taknak tolong pun tak boleh.

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  1. I hate the word.manager.
    I don't like managing.
    Which is why I chose the position lead.
    Which gives me and the people under me the correct perception of my role.
    To Lead.

    2 years eh ...
    Then its about time to hear this.
    Stop managing your people ...
    ... start leading them.

    By example.
    By carrots.
    By the stick.
    Whatever it takes to get them out of the dessert.