Wednesday, August 11, 2010


On the first day of Puasa, I rushed back from work at 5 am to prepare sahur.

My sahur? Cheese omelette with milk.

I went to sleep around 6.30 am and woke up at 12 pm and was unable to get back to sleep.

So I put on my jeans and tank and went out. Decided to buy a yoga mat and was walking around aimlessly in Curve since I am not able to eat anything.

And then I decided to drop by at Giant Kota Damansara to buy some stuff. I felt like cooking my favorite break fast dish since I was a kid, beef cooked in soy sauce.

I guess I was walking around thinking of things that were all mixed up between personal and work stuff. I took the elevator and while walking towards the car park... I slipped and fell on my bum.

You know those slopes on the pavement made for shopping carts? Dammit, that was the cause of my fall.

Actually, it was more because of my cheap RM 10 Bata slippers.

See, I am not a screamer. I didn't have the voice for it. I have always been the quiet type.

I have always joked that if I am to be one of the characters in those slash and gore flicks, I would be the first person to die. ;p

Thankfully, my ass still have some cushioning left so I didn't really feel sore when I fell. There were not many people around too (Thank God!). However an auntie did kind of scream squealed and the middle eastern guy who runs the carpet shop came out to check out the din.

Only to find a flat chested, ample bummed woman sitting on the pavement with a sheepish grin plastered on her face.

And I find it was funny that I was more concerned about the bottle of soy sauce that was in my shopping bag.

Imagine if that was to break! I would be soy-ed...

So after a drive back which I was not able to remember at all, I walked up to the apartment and changed to something more comfortable to start preparing the ingredients.

And then I discovered that I am not able to fast. My 'red russia' visited me... no wonder I was moody. I thought the pain that I felt down the bottom half of my body was because of the fall, when it was actually because of the monthly affair.

But I prepared the ingredients anyway. It was a very easy dish to prepare.

You will just have to mince a couple of garlic cloves with half a bell of onion, saute them in olive oil. Wait until the onions and garlic caramelize before pouring in half a glass of water, and then maybe around a quarter to half a cup of soy sauce (salty variety), let it simmer for 5 minutes before putting in the beef.

I like to put chillis in mine. Some love putting in cinnamon sticks and star anise. I am not really into spices that much.

I remembered having this dish either for sahur or break fast when I was small. It was one of the dishes that was taught to me by my Mum because it was so simple!

I was taught to cook since I was 8. By 12 YO, I am able to 'conjure' a meal for the whole family.

So yes... that was my first day of puasa for you. For the next 5 days, I would not be able to fast. That means, I can go and have breakfast like usual and my coffee bean fix.

And how crazy was it that in August 2008, I was 12 KG heavier and emotionally driven?

I can actually still feel that numbing emotional pain when I was going through the old entries. I can still smell the air when it happened.

And now... I am just emotionally... anaesthesized. Boy, reading old blog entries sure are... strange.



  1. tEll me about it. I re-read some of the stuff i posted in 2005 and gawked at myself for a full 2 minutes whilst contemplating whether to delete it or not.

  2. Izso : hahahaha.. well... I wouldn't delete them... there were a few what was I thinking screw ups la...

    well... hopefully we can just get better... ? :P

  3. you got that right sister!

  4. yeah, i re-read my old blog entries sometimes....hanya mampu menggeleng2 kepala sambil pikir...apakah???

  5. Zetty,

    Memang apakah manjang babe. ;)