Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Second week of Puasa... and I am still not fasting

... I think there might be people who would love to be in my position now. 

However, missing the first day of Puasa is like missing the first day of Raya. I can't help my body though right?

I have been taking it slow since it is fasting month. I believe many of us are. I am still very much into working out although I have turned down my exercise a notch. 

I have been following this lady on YouTube for her simple and easy Yoga instructions. FYI, Yoga is a great low impact exercise that can actually work on your core strength. 

I have people who still thinks that somehow, Yoga is wrong to do just because they are Muslims.

Let me tell you this, unless, you are at the same time chanting in sanskrit, that is bullshit.


My flexibility is still in the works, but I am taking it slow and one at a time. 

It is large;y thanks to my work out, which is a combination of cardio, weight training and Yoga that I managed to look like this and stay that way for months. 

Never say never darlings. If I can do it, so can you... ALL it takes is a lot of discipline. :)

I think that people might have already gotten the idea. I have been trying to find a decent Yoga mat and had been told everywhere that it is SOLD OUT. Really? I have gone to close to 8 Nike shops (Yes I am a Nike freak) and was told that they ran out. Seriously? So I had to hold on to my cheapo Yoga mat for now... 

Last weekend was a fun one, first of all we have finally gotten around to going to SPCA Ampang. I have been thinking of adopting a cat, and SPCA had always been the first choice. I have friends who wanted to sell me rare breeds on discounted price (From RM 500 to 450... erm.. yeah.) but I want a cat not for breeding/selling, I want a cat because I want company. 

Am I becoming a cat lady? No... I have always love cats. I can identify myself in them. I admire the way they live. They live life to the fullest, totally in control of what they want (Except maybe their bathing schedule) and they would love you but would never show it. 

In short, they are not dogs... they don't act the doormat way, they don't beg, they ... insist.


This is the cat that I totally have chemistry with. I have decided to call it Mocha Minah. I would only be going back this weekend to officially adopt it. Krishna asked what if somebody adopted her first. I think it's fine. If it's meant to be mine, then it might still be there waiting for me. :)

Also, last weekend was the first time that I actually modeled for something. Hidayah, one of our friends asked us to model for her sister's clothing line which is selling online. We agreed because we are cheap excited that we get to have some of the clothes that were on sale as umm.. payment. 

To be honest, the dresses are ok. The price is affordable and pretty. It is catering mostly to tudung wearing women who wants to look hot at the same time. 

During the shoot... :D

However they also have some mini dresses for those who like to show a little bit of flesh. I rate it decent and pretty... great for casual outings with friends or maybe a date... but not for crubbing yea....

I love this dress, fought over it with Joyce who also modeled that day. :)... well... I reserved it first so it is now just waiting for me to put on again. Still waiting for my other two dresses. :D

In case you readers want to check the line out, visit www.hijabiboutique.net. 


  1. Babe, DO NOT buy the yoga mats from Nike or even adidas (coming from me - yes) OK? The Nike ones are worse than you cheapo mat, I bet you. Thin like wafer, crumples like keropok and slippery as tandas.

    If you want to invest a bit - order this online http://www.manduka.com/store/product.php?productid=16206&cat=254&page=1.

    You can see the mat in my second photo here.

    A bit pricey and berat gila babi but bar none best man eh.. mat I've ever tried, all yoga instructors swear by it & got lifetime warranty!

    Good luck with the mat & YouTube yoga!


  2. Ninie,

    I like Manduka... :P.

    Well, at this point I am ready to try anything. I saw a Reebok Yoga mat which is quite thick and sturdy and also berat gila babi jugak going for RM 300 ish. But I was still looking around for Nike.

    I realized that I need a better mat when I succeeded in 'properly' doing the shoulder stand. If I am going to do this, better do it properly right?

    Thanks for the tip babe. :)...

  3. Woah.. you know Ninie.. I'm humbled.

    Anyway - regarding the dress shot, the dress is fine but the shoes are a bit off...

  4. Izso :

    Agreed, but I forgot to bring heels... :P.... and it was a rush job that day. LOL