Monday, August 9, 2010


I realized that I might be slacking these past couple of weeks.

One day I sort of dropped everything I was in the middle of doing (reading, internet, gym, yoga... whatever) and just started to reflect on life.

a) Some people might think that I am successful, this fiercely independent 31 year old woman whose faith in being an individual never falters.

b) Some might think that I am just a confused, miserable, pathetic single woman who has been unable to actually snatch a guy.

Some might also think that aside from being (a) and / (b), I am also a woman who is totally sacreligious. The fact that I wear all those stuff a Muslim (or a Malay? Wah... even writing this made me feel stupid.) should NEVER wear is enough to make people think that the road I am on is paved towards hell.

My reflection got me thinking about my career options.

I am a workaholic. I guess by now you guys should have known that.

The equation is this :

1) I have 60% control of my body. I changed my body in less than a year and managed to maintain my weight as it is for more than a year.

2) I have 10% control of my personal life. Most of the time I am annoyingly afraid, confused and unwilling to take that step.

3)  I have 90% control over my work. My career buys me all the stuff that I have. I am hiding behind my credit card(s), shoes, bags, dresses and make up. I can buy them when I want them, stop using them when I feel like I don't want to and get rid of them when I get sick of them.

I have an ego the size of the universe.

Well... when it comes to work.

And then come my personal life and my ego shrunk to the size of a speck.

So... I buy stuff that makes me look hot. I wear an attitude that no man can actually take and I make friends with people who understands me.

What can I say... I am an acquired taste.


  1. If there's a like button, I would've clicked on it ;)

  2. 'Acquired taste' - I like that a lot :-)

  3. almost sounds as if you were describing me there for a minute

    just realized that i have an ego bigger than me in life & being single is well... it would be great if you got company, but otherwise, this is OK too :-P

    selamat berpuasa & take care

  4. BlueIceCube :

    Yup... I concur.

    I guess most single independent women would think the same.

    Have a great Ramadhan to you.. :) Doesn't matter if you observe it or not... :)