Sunday, November 1, 2009

What I found out on Halloween...

1) The fastest way to get your lips done when you forgot your lipstick is to kiss your girlfriend who has lippy on.

And yes... we did it out of practicality.

2) I should learn how to flirt with the club bouncer guy.

3) Clubs charge ridiculous cover charges on Halloween when all you want to drink is a coke and a beer.

4) Mojo do NOT have cover charge (Thank God!)

5) No one really dresses up on Halloween.

6) QBar sucks.

7) Tony Parson's My Favorite Wife is sold for RM 15 at Atria and Tolkien at RM 29.90.

8) If you can't drink... DON'T! --> This going out to the guy who hung his head out of the passenger seat... trying to puke at Jalan P. Ramlee.

9) An all girl night out is waay better than going out on a lame date.

10) I am hot.. Heh!

Yeah.. so shoot me.


  1. ;)sounds like you had a good time.

    (btw i'm still drooling at the food two posts below)

    and babe, yesterday i tried to watch the Interview With Vampire -- ada la dalam 10min kot. aiyoh... cannot la, think my mind has already corrupted by the so called modern day vampire.

    but now i kind of learn how vampire story will go -- all good vampires drink animal's blood....... lol

  2. Darlene,

    We did. I was stuck in a traffic jam and all to get to Qbar. Had difficult time to find a club that has NO frikkin cover charge and ended up having a good time afterall.

    Its okay babe... teen vamps are your first exposure, thats why cannot masuk classic vamps anymore. Me... I have been Anne Rice fan (At least before she decided to turn Catholic on me) for as long as I can remember. no turning back for me

  3. teen vamps, haha exactly. 5 minit i cari that word to write the comment tak jumpa.

    btw (i dont know if there's still ticket) i think i might postpone the plan to watch New Moon's in the early week, i cringe at the prospect of watching a movie with school kids swooning, gasping or worst screaming at the sight of edward cullen or jacob black... (i'd usually be one step smarter of course. at least i cover my mouth. with 2 hands)

  4. hehehe..

    Well have fun. I have a friend who is so into this whole Twilight thingie. I also have a friend who is pro Anne Rice like me (well.. not the catholic Anne Rice that is).

    We looove poking fun at the twilight lover. :P

  5. So ure all ready to watch New Moon? hehehe