Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I do not comprehend...

There are a few things in the world that I would not be able to understand. A few being :


I haven't been in many long term relationships, but as far as men are concerned, this is what I can gather.

Most men are confused. They don't know what they want and they go for the first thing they find. Others wait it out until they lose out.

Others just go through any nook and cranny to lie, cheat and just be a plain fucking jerk.

The good ones, the ones who know what they want is either taken or... taken.

Apparently even my gay friend finds it hard to find a reliable gay man.

So the saying 'all the good ones are either married or gay' turned out to be totally unreliable.

They are married, but they are not quite gay.

I wish men could just be simpler. As a matter of fact, I think women are easier to understand, at least we are only looking for very stereotypical but straightforward love / soulmate.

People who resigned and made everyone else's life a living hell after they leave work

Once upon a time, there was a woman who decided to join in a division full of free spirited people.

She shouted at a work colleague in front of the team manager and even lodged a complaint against the seniors saying that the seniors dressed a bit too provocatively.

The seniors were wearing jeans and T-shirts... sometimes spaghetti straps but being in a cold freezing environment, always had a jacket on.

She also accused everyone to be against her and that everyone else is wrong and she is the only one who is right.

She prides herself on being a staunch christian, whatever that means.

If being a christian means that she would inadvertently act like a bitch, I don't know what is going to become of the world.

Even one of her 'posse' turned on her.

10 more of people like her, I swear the world would turn into a blithering hell.

Her parting note included a sentence that says, 'All the people who are trying to drag me down only make me stronger.'

Did she know that she was the one who was pulling the entire team down? That I wouldn't know. What I would like to find out is if she would actually feel guilty if she found out.

Somehow I doubt it.

What I do understand now, is that she is gone, but still there are implications on the team.

Why? That I wouldn't be able to understand.

People who fail their friends

I do not understand why people prefer to put on a fake front.

I am pretty simple. I am real, I am sarcastic, I try to be mature and I try to keep the good friends I have.

I don't have many good friends. Most of the friends I have are the ones I talk about here.

Just when I thought someone would be a friend for keeps, they fail me. They just do. And then I would feel disappointed.

I started having trust issues in high school. When I was growing up, I don't have many close friends.

Now that  I am 30, I am able to make out what I want in a friend.

Friends are those who stay true to their words and who sincerely hope for the best to happen to each and other.

Friends don't lie to each other, and would be as direct as to tell their friend that although we are friends, there are things I don't discuss with you, but hey, I love you anyway.

I would rather a friend told me to my face that they wouldn't want to be friends with me anymore rather than them talking behind my back and me feeling disappointed about them.

Disappointment is far more severe than anger.

Bad drivers

A van once followed me because I gave them the finger.

I gave them the finger because they are bad drivers and I almost collided with their vehicle.

Except for the finger, the whole thing was entirely their fault.

So no... I cannot comprehend foolish drivers. Although I do understand why they follow me.

They wanted to scare me, which they have done very successfully so.

Sometimes you do things on a whim. I am especially impulsive. So the whole entire thing, partly my fault.

A single woman living alone should know better than that.

Sumpah akak tak buat lagi.


  1. owh... i did the finger thing also, once. because this idiot cut in front of me without giving signal in a crowded street. we were all going slow and he was actually behind me. he saw what i did and actually blocked my car and came over to my door asking me to wind down my window. i didn't, of course. seeing that people around are looking at him, he kicked my door and went back to his car. he has his wife/girlfriend inside the car. i don't understand too... i hate stupid drivers. and yes, i was a little scared too!

  2. (i rarely, almost never honk -- because i think it's err, noisy...?) but showing finger is kinda -- on reflex. but somehow i'm trained to only doing it when the traffic is moving (masa jalan jammed i have this 'calm' face -- penakut). and i usually have to smile to the driver at the same time...."hey, my middle finger says hi"

    p/s: i remember being 18 when the outlook towards (and The Super Master Plan for) love, life and friendship were different....(?) should have told myself then, wait until you are 30.

  3. There are many Malaysian drivers who are not only bad, they also don't appreciate their own lives. I have stopped showing my middle finger to them. I blow the horn a lot these days. Kalau driver tu buat muka nak cari gaduh, cepat-cepat speed off.
    I try not to generalize but from my experience drivers yang paling kurang ajar are those young guys (tak kisahlah Melayu ke India ke Cina ke) who drive heavily modified Proton Satria GTI. No offence to GTI owners who are reading this, tapi ramai budak-budak muda yang mudah lupa dunia bila dapat drive kereta yang power (sikit). Kalau dapat drive Beemer, jadi pelesit terus agaknya.

  4. Men aren't that hard to understand. Everything in the head is compartmentalised. Nothing ever overlaps. Hehe!

    As for bad drivers, giving the finger? Why bother? Roll down the window and yell obscenaties, jam brake in front of them, pretend you're gonna run them off the road and just be a whole lot more ganas than them. The other time I had this stupid kancil who refused to give way even though I was already in the lane, he kept on coming closer and closer until I just rolled down my window, knocked his window really hard and yelled at him. He stopped shocked and I just drove off. Bloody idiot was less than an inch away from my car.

  5. Jade,

    Waaaa... that was massive. Be careful babe... I mean even if we have husbands, bukanny we melekat dengan our significant other 24-7 kan???


    I never honked too.. somehow I think my reflexes in that department a wee bit slow.. hehehehe...

    Smile and show the finger eh... GOOD IDEA!!! will try.


    There is a reason why God say certain people CANNOT drive a beemer. hihihihi...


    Waah.. If I am the person in the other car, I will be scared!