Saturday, October 17, 2009

On what happened since the last post.. some random pictures and thoughts

Since the last post, a few things happened. The thing about being single is that I have a lot of time to spend with my friends. I love friends, don't you? They push you to do things, they pick you up when you are down and they cook things. (Well, my friend does anyway).

And these are my good friends, my best friends. I don't keep friends who are crap.

So enjoy these random pictures and mental notes.

The Herb roasted chicken from the dinner Joyce cooked and we helped out in during the dinner two weekends ago. It was gorgeous and the meat slid right off the bone.

My sauteed mixed vegies with Zucchini, asparagus and baby carrots in butter and rosemary.

The Mashed potato Joyce made. Goes great with the roasted chicken

The lemon Meringue pie, it was left a bit too long in the oven, hence the color, but we don't care, it was heaven!

Tadaa! The full picture of the meal we had!

After the meal, planning for thanksgiving dinner, definitely no turkey, can't fit into the tiny oven! In the background is the kitchen. We had all the things you can imagine... the kitchen is the most complete room in the house!

The cat from hell, 'Buttons'... with such a cute name you couldn't really imagine the damage she does innit?

My literary indulgence for the weeks to come. I splurged on books this month, which is okay

We had a Team Jersey Day on friday. Joyce borrowed this from her husband, Phoenix Suns Jersey

I am not rooting for any teams. I am sports apathetic. I am into working out but not any particular sports, per se. This courtesy of Joyce's hubby of course.

Bitch and Joyce

Our breakfast on Saturday morning at Ikea

Bitch with his Daim cake, as usual!

Drama shot, as usual, coming from the drama queen

Poster kids for Halloween 2009

On saturday night, I went out with Sue to a salsa club. She recently took up salsa and was taking the opportunity to practice her step. I was asked to dance by an old latina guy. He can really dance, I can give him that. He said:

"Salsa is not counting steps, it is to follow the rhythm, you know?"

Of course half of the time I couldn't understand a word he is saying, and I wished that he could wear more perfume, but the dance was awesome. I guess he was kind of ... well... mesmerized by my bad dance steps that he asked me to dance a few more times after that. I was twirled, dipped and lifted. It was fun.

I was actually more mesmerized by the Taye Diggs look-a-like at the DJ consul. Oh... that man is a godsend... Ai Carumba!!! Muchas Deliciosos!!!

After that we left the club and we went back to my pad for a late dinner. Joyce cooked Oxtail stew and brownies. No piccies, but it was great!
I have resolved that I am going to learn salsa. I will try to squeeze it in my schedule somehow. Mak jeles tengok orang salsa.


  1. That is one seriously loaded kitchen you have. And I shouldn't have opened this blog.. I'm so hungry and I see roast chicken!!! GAAHHH!!

  2. hehehehe...

    But.. but... dude... it was only 7ish when you opened up my blog.

  3. Yes... can't I be hungry anyway? :P