Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Fact Is ... I am thankful

I am somewhat wondering what I am doing alone.

When I can do almost everything myself, I am still wondering, why am I alone?

Strange huh?

But the fact remains, I am thankful that I am still here, facing all  the obstacles on my own with the support of close friends and family, who loves me regardless.
My weekend was hectic.

Believe me if I can split myself to three people, I would.

I would just so I would be able to spend time with my family, my friends and myself.

When I got home, I was stumped when my bed is no longer there. My Sister just bought a new apartment unit and my parents and brother is moving in with her. My parents are taking over my bed and being that I am now a permanent resident of Kay Hell, I will have to rethink about buying a property in JB and would probably buy one in KL instead.

I would not be having my own room anymore, in JB that is. Which kind of means that I can't sleep naked anymore.

Sigh... but hey, I am happy for my sister.

My cousin, finished his Quran studies last weekend, so in an orderly fashion of a Johorean, we had a 'Khatam Quran' for him.

Annd... he is also going to be circumsized next week.

I remembered the last time my brother had to go through the same thing. I remembered him screaming his lungs out when my parents brought him back to the house.

I was laughing. I told him he was a wuss.

He is still a wuss.. ehehehe...

It's always fun when the whole family comes together. As you just can see from these pictures.

Okay this one is not a family member in a techical kind of way, but it is a part of the family (For now, before it becomes the one the family is going to have for dinner), but it was sitting there so calmly looking after its' eggs that I feel inclined to take a photo.

Last Thursday was Thanksgiving.

The whole AMEX team, which is MY team now got together at Christina's house for a housewarming (She just moved to a new place), which was also a double celebration as her daughter recently passed her UPSR with flying colors.

It was a great makan session and since it is potluck, Joyce, Kish and me decided to roast a chicken, not a turkey because it's just not possible for us to roast one in the tiny oven.

This Eid and Thanksgiving, I would like give my thanks to everyone who is around me now, my family, my friends, my good friends, my best friends (Dropped not included) and my very supportive and professional colleagues.

Thank You.