Monday, November 16, 2009

When it rains and there is nothing in the world you would like to do more but to lie down on your bed and sleep. I am on my bed, but I ain't sleeping!

This is the view outside of my bedroom window today at about 5 pm.

I know that it was a bit, well, askewed, but you would have to agree with me that the whole picture there, the gloom, the rain and the slippery cobbled sidewalks... well it's enough to make you snuggle to your pillows and pull up the covers on your face and producing some Zs.

As usual, I was not able to sleep off the wonderful rainy afternoon away.

I had to drive to the office for a while due to something that our client 'forgot' to tell us, jumped on two separate conference calls and emailed a bunch of people about the progress.

I was on the phone with my Mother who was asking me if I can come home just to dismantle the bed at home (My family is moving)  and I found out that no one in the family 'actually' know how to do it but me.

Yes, we do have two males in the family, in case you are wondering, and I am not one of them, unless of course I was born with a penis and a vajayjay, which I was evidently, not.

I just finished a Kenny Roger's lunch of roast chicken and I ate that while watching gorgeous Keanu and Al Pacino in the classic, 'Devil's Advocate'.

Before I came home and after I left the office, I hit one of the hypermarkets (Hence, the Kenny Rogers Combo). I ran out of milk for about 5 days now, so I decided to just drag my ass off to buy some.

Why on Monday? Why not on the weekends, you might ask.

Well, I hate shopping when there are too many people. It confuses me because it does.

I encountered someone who might just be the slowest, lamest cashier ever in my whole consumer life.

As usual, being Malaysian and all, the lame-O didn't smile. Heck, he was emotionless. His movement is akin to that of a sloth.

I wish I can smack him at the back of his head with the Australian top side beef cut that I bought at the wet produce section.

And the way, he put the things into the plastic bags (For the record, I have a shopping bag that I got from Body Shop with huge lettering making up 'Protect Your Planet' on it. I opted for plastic this time because, well, I forgot to stuff the cloth bag into my bag today and I need some plastic bags at home for trash) might make you mistake him for an ex 'Mak Yong' dancer. Such painfully slow gracefulness, really seriously make you want to put on make up on him and play the Gamelan.

Aaaanyway... Just my observation for today. Suffice to clear the cobwebs off the blog... :)

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. yeap it was nice to just enjoy the cold weather (now that sounds like malaysia tengah winter) instead of sleeping it off.

  2. Oh come on.. the males in your house can't find their way around a few tools? Man.. that be bad.

  3. i miss my old house and the view around this area...