Friday, November 20, 2009

Good things comes to those who wait...

Well, my Dad always said to me that if you are patient, and let things takes its' due course, I will see that things will kind of... go my way.

Of course, back then being brash, immature and well... stupid, in the lack of a proper word to replace my then questionable level of intellect, I don't really believe in it.

I was gung-ho and proactive, the latter in a sort of wrong kind of way. I believed that if I keep on moving and catch every opportunity that comes my way, I will get what I want.

Little did I know, that trying to outrun someone was not the way. If you rush, you tend to overlook a lot of things, and if you think too much about 'making it', you might not 'make it' at all.

But no matter how impatient I was, I have never, thankfully, tried to push someone off by being a two face hypocrite. I can never be 'friend friend' with someone with ulterior motives. Motives such as trying to kick someone off their rice bowl or anything like that. I have, always been genuine in my intentions. I helped people because I mean it.

I would NEVER help anyone if I don't want to.

I figured, why make things complicated. There is no reason why you should help someone if you don't wanna.

Anyway, I recently received a big pat in the back, something that I was not expecting but something that kind of just happened. I was in the beginning, sad because in the process, I lost my mentor. But technically, he is still with me, though not quite within the same place anymore. I was also shocked when I found out about certain things that happened behind my back. I was shocked that 'anyone' can be that, vicious and could actually put on a front and tried to manipulate me.

BUT... hey, God is great. Things turned better. As a matter of fact, I have never seen my allies and close friends this happy before.

I am just glad that things are better now. We are more honest (I hope!) with each other and we are happier.

Nyeh nyeh... the jokes on you!


  1. i remember sitting in my ex-boss's office reading a note on his board saying something like 'imagine yourself in a food chain -- each day you have to run to get your food or run yo save yourself from other predators. bottom line -- you have to keep running'. i'm still figuring out how i feel about it.

  2. Nice pic... Heh.

    I usually try to get even even if it IS a supervisor.

  3. the pics too!!