Sunday, February 10, 2008

Don't push me cause I am close to the eeddggeeee

It’s my birthday...

Older, wiser... at least I hope so.

My cat seemed to remember it.

Happy Birthday Sarcy, time to make a date with yourself and book yourself in an expensive restaurant and get tipsy on a bottle of good Sauvignon.

Why? I don't need friends to treat me beers and finger foods at a bar full of men who only wants to get in my pants. I need time to think my life over and the next step I am supposed to take.

Yeap... it’s my birthday.


  1. happy birthday look good and you are a strong woman,so be happy for those.

    (have a chocolate martini for me will ya)

  2. happy birthday...

  3. Happy Birthday Sarcy! You'll always gonna be a year older than me. Hehehehehe.

  4. Happy Birthday Sarcy! Hey! We're Aquarian babies lah..hehehe

  5. Birthday greetings from your biggest fan.. hee heee... Wat's a good place to a birthday dinner down under? Chez Papa is good, non?

  6. Happy Belated Birthday babe! Hope it was a blast!

  7. Happy belated birthday from me too, Sarcy. Should've added you on Facebook. Then I can superpoke you on your birthday. :)

    Many happy returns & here's to wishing you all the best in everything that you do.

  8. belated burfday beb! hope the date with self was good. and im betting u'll have more dates with self in the coming months. take ur time to think life over... it sorta goes on and on actually but it's kindda fun.

    love! love! love!

  9. close birthdate heheh we could have celebrate it together :)

  10. Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you will be blessed with tonnes of happiness, propsperity and good health. Cheers!

  11. Happy belated!

    And perhaps it's a good time to not get tipsy over Sauvignon and instead get stoned by a group of close friends who think making you sing like a chicken is funny.


    Birthdays are boring. It's the friends that make it interesting.

  12. happy birthday... belated i mean...

    ur not at the edge actually...
    many people think they are...

    it's good that God has given us chance to sit back and reponder our lives...

    again all the best!

  13. TO ALL,

    thanks so much for the birthday wishes. well.. that ship has sailed. heres to a great 29th year of my life babes!

    and thanks for the birthday SMSes too ya'll!