Monday, July 29, 2013

Positivity Is As Positivity Does

I had a discussion with a friend last weekend on 'Positive People'.

We were discussing on those 'positive people' who shuns negative people, via social media. People who unfollow / unfriend 'Negative people'.

Well, I have my own view on this.

I unfollow or unfriend people on social media when they get disrespectful / boring.

As far as negativity is concerned, it is subjective to me.

I don't see cussing as being negative. I don't see bitching about the traffic or that complaining about the person whose signal lever mysteriously went missing driving in front of them negative.

That, Ladies and Gents, is called 'Expressing Frustration.' If I am really 'negative' about it, I would have written a long blog post focusing on how the driver is a dumbass.

I think people who instantly social media dissed 'negative people' because they indirectly think that they are 'positive people' are being judgmental. IE---> NEGATIVE.

I think if you think that you are more positive and you feel that the other person is negative, you should motivate the other person to be positive.

NOT unfollow/unfriend them. All the more when You were the first one who wanted to social media follow/friend the person in the first place.

I personally do not care if anyone is going to do that to me. It is social media.

Not being negative is unrealistic. It is how some people escape from being human. That's not a way to live life.

I know some people who do this, heck, some people think that I am somewhat negative (I would personally want to be known more as realistic or cynical, but hey.. it is subjective) and I have been dropped /unfollowed before (Not that the latter counts really.. both don't).

Let's face it, people join social media not for positivity. It is for the drama that some people induce, the circus! It is entertainment. It is entertaining even to me, a person who practices yoga. It's like soap opera, only you can say for sure that you DO actually know the 'actors'.

I mean, I know everyone on my friends' list, I don't know about other people. I don't add people I don't know on my Facebook. Even my profile in FB is well hidden from public.

So... Let's be more realistic. Sure you can be positive, but remember that negativity plays a role in life too. It's all about the middleway. Strike that Balance. Trust me, you'll be kinder, more grounded, and definitely more human.

If you really believe however, that to control negativity is to do all the things that I mentioned above, my advice to you would be---> STOP PARTICIPATING IN SOCIAL MEDIA.

With Love, Namaste.



  1. It's just people being people.
    Judgement is easy when it's not ourselves.
    I am the optimistic pessimist.
    We see the world as it is and leave their bullshits at the door.
    Because they are always there.
    I am positive if that.

  2. It is interesting to see how some people would define themselves as positive, when they really are not.

    Again, everything is subjective. Afterall, a diverse world is made for subjectivity.