Monday, June 3, 2013

O my new generation...

Am I alone in thinking that the new generation is... not that that intelligent?

It's ironic to think that the more advanced we get, the more backwards we are getting. 

I have a wonderful nephew and niece.  

The thing that gets me down every time I look at them is how sad their whole early education is going to get. How screwed up their life perspective is going to be what with the education and the influence they are getting from the family. 

I am not like all the other people in the family. I don't share the same beliefs and my opinions on stuff, especially religion and culture is different. 

My friends are a bit disappointed with my decision on not having kids. They were pretty eager to find out how my kids would turn out like. 

I am sure my kids would have been awesome, because the first thing I want them to have would be the things that I was not able to get. The freedom to choose, and the luxury to pursue things that I wanted to pursue when I was a kid. 

I am not placing any kind of blame on my parents. I am sure they were just trying to make ends meet. However, I would like to be financially prepared if I am ever going to have kids. Of course, these were my hopes when I still wanted to have kids. 

Now, I would be happy to just be with someone who can complement me. 

For now, I can only hope that my darling nephew and niece would turn out well, and would be able to live their life according to how they want, not how others want them to. 

Nephie attempting a near perfect Vrksasana after I showed him how. He immediately went to the cabinet so that he could balance himself on one leg. I didn't tell him to!!                                             \ ^_^ /!!

With love, Namaste.


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