Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rambles part ... ummm... I don't know... how many has it been so far?

Well… Obama won… so the Americans are not ‘intellectually challenged’ after all.

My American friends called me up earlier to inform me of the results. Well, at least, now they have someone who could hopefully do better stuff.

Where does that leave us Malaysians?

Yeah... by the way things are going… we’re screwed.
‘Ha’ah… ada cawat.’

My initial response to that was a genuine honest ‘Huh?’. The seamstress looked up to me, pointing to that baggy part of the pair of jeans, the crotch area.

‘Sini, orang panggil cawat.’

Owh. I didn’t know that. Cawat translated meant loincloth.

‘Ok. Betulkan lah.’

I sent a pair of jeans for alteration last weekend. The jeans was one size bigger. To my surprise it costs me 80 bucks. That’s almost half of what I paid for the pair. Simply put, I could get two pairs of the darn jeans with that kind of money. The jeans itself costs me 190+.

So I did the math. Dammit! Saya bukan pengguna lestari! And I just contributed to the inflation rate.

I have made up my mind and I am going to do it.

I will march to the damn store and buy the damn thing. I need it! It was last week when I found out in horror that the ones I own are now badly … just… mangled…

Oh yes… Nike runners… I need to make that weekend run of 2.5 KMs again. I can just feel my bum expanding. It is all out to conquer but is so not into dividing, because if that’s the case, I could have gotten my C cup back. <- right, one could hope.

I would like to know why is it that in the biggest mall in KL… you could not get frikkin’ JCo donuts? I mean, I have four little cousins at home last weekend who was hoping for me to bring back for them two dozens of donuts from JCo and I had to disappoint them.

The Customer Service counter girl suggested for me to drive down to Pavilion.

First of all, I hate driving into KL. I hate walking into Pavilion because it reminds me that I have a loooong way to go as far as money is concerned because if that’s not the case, I would be strolling in and out of the high end boutiques they have there.

The single item I have bought there had been a belt which costs me RM 100+ from Club Monaco. And how my friends ranted on how I am able to find the same exact one at RM 29.90 at Sin Ma.


Anyway… back to the donuts… yeah… like why???? Big mall don’t have small donut shop? I guess the size of the mall compensates for a lot of things that it lacks of? Sensible parking signages? Parking pay stations? Good looking men at Starbucks?


  1. aiyo woman, rm80 to alter a jeans?? you just got ripped-off! but then again when it comes to jeans and jacket with lining, its better not to buy in a bigger size. alteration memang boleh sakit kocek.

    here i bercinta nak beli jeans or pants because memang for sure i have to have them altered. Just to hem the jeans dah kena at least $8. im not a happy camper here. :(

  2. well babe, consider this.. hem the jeans and you kena $8, 8x3.5 =RM 28. you were right about me being ripped off. Hem alteration i kena RM 45!!! the charge to alter the length of the jeans is RM 13! serious i am thinking about opening up an alteration shop!

  3. Sarcy,
    kat Sunway Pyramid ada Jco. No need to go to KL.

    Alterations memang mahal, that's why I beli mesin jahit sendiri.

  4. Oh yea.... you can bring your old sport shoes (any brand) to Adidas outlets and get a new pair with RM50 rebate (the new pair must be RM250 ++).
    If the new pair is RM500 ++, you'll get RM100 rebate.

    -dayang (duta tak rasmi Adidas kat Puchong)-

  5. DNAS,

    babe, i was at MV, so I malas nak go to KL or Sunway, to be honest with you.. dah lama gila i tak pi Sunway. Adala dulu2 masa baru dating dengan my ancient ex. my ex tu pun dah meninggal-> morbid i know.

    Ihik.. i dont really like Adidas, design dia macam boring la pulak... but i do like one leather bag i saw... priced at 290 something... tantik sangat.

    btw... coffee sometime? can do a date together with some other bloggers?? :)

  6. Hi, just stumbled upon your blog this morning. One word of caution. JCo????? ever heard of saturated fat? ever heard of Trans Fat? Please... please don't 'ajar' your little cousins to eat all these rubbish.. Yeah, sure... they are kids..They'll probably burn it off in an hour or two.. But these are the little things yang kalau kita tak prevent sekarang, it may become a problem later on in life. Blocked arteries lah, heart attack... stroke..It's bad enough that we Malays tend to have everything goreng..Tak goreng tak sedap...Very very bad eating habit we Malays have..

    Please... for the sake of the young ones... don't teach them to eat these rubbish...