Friday, November 7, 2008

The day I thought I am going to be an idiot

Now don't get me wrong...

I am all for freedom of speech. I am also aware of the fact that anyone can now blog, even when that person can't write anything for peanuts.

If they can hit the keyboard, they can write, and hell... they can write about anything and everything under the sun. You can't blame them either for not knowing that their blog really sucked. Maybe nobody told them so.

Like really, to the brim of turning someone into an idiot. Like decreasing someone's IQ by a point every microsecond, if there is such a thing.

Things like what one buy when going out with the respective other halves, things like not knowing why they bought certain stuff, showy things, brand name dropping, baby wording and the likes. For what could have been a full half an hour, I was transfixed into the world of a Malay airhead.

Damn... I even had the word 'tantik tak?' going on rewind over and over again for hours after!

I even emailed the URL to my colleague simply because I couldn't believe that one could actually come up with something like....

"OH MY GOD!" She exclaimed.

"I KNOW!" that was my only respond.

I know to a certain extend, I am being judgmental, but come on! that was the single most... stupid half an hour I have ever had. I gained nothing from it, except that the author of that blog bought a kimono night robe at a certain lingerie shop and she didn't actually know it was a kimono robe.


Come on fellow bloggers, if you want to blog about the things you bought, if you want to make free advertisements about it, do it...
tastefully. There is no use annihilating the rest of the population with your ... umm... bimbo-ism. Because honestly, it is kind of disturbing.

It reflects on who you are, these kinds of things. Seriously!


  1. Heh, I pun baca tu.

    And at this very moment,
    someone else is scrutinizing everything we write and do.

    Oh well..

    Whatever makes them happy.
    Aku tak mati pun.
    Lagi kaya (alhamdulillah) ada.

  2. well... i think let them... everyone is entitled to thir own opinion... we are just glam like that... cant blame us for having things to do aside from kutuking other people's blog in that kind of 'kampung'manner kan...

    besides... apa la sangat kalay setakat mengutuk anonymously...anyone can do that.