Sunday, November 9, 2008

If you have haters, then you must be doing something right

Yeah, that was what ‘the T-man’ said about something that I complained to him about.

Owh... yeah really?

I was informed on Friday night about a blogger who apparently likes to criticize other bloggers, well simply because ‘kehausan’ idea la tuh kot. Another blogger told me about the blog and have urged me to go and drop my comment.

People must have thought I was crazy for laughing my ass off when I was reading the blog in Starbucks. It was welll. Funny.... as for leaving a comment, well... I figured, dropping my comment among people who commented anonymously is not my style. Let them be hating la... in the words of another criticised blogger; bukannya rugi apa pun.

Here I will give you haters more things to criticize about me in your obviously uninspired blog;

- I am a workaholic. I don't have a life.
- I drive a kereta tempatan, a wira to be exact.
- I make a measly salary every month, that’s why my splurge in branded items would not exceed 300 bucks. I tau pemblogger tersebut have more than I have.
- I am jinxed as far as men are concerned. I always meet people at the wrong places ie; Starbucks and Borders
- I don't subscribe to internet because – see point #3


Putting it like how a Johorean would, kesiaaaaan....

To everyone else here who is curious about this person’s desperation to lift his/her umm... esteem... go to
knock yourself out dudes. Who knows, next one might be yours!


  1. Wow, & I mean 'wow.' I have been thinking that having a blog to put down other people's blog is limited to those into politics.

    For personal blogs like yours & mine, negative feedback is just as far as saying nasty stuff in the comments section. I have seen a blog of a girl who worships Cesc Fabregas gettings negative comments from non-Asenal supporters & also on her occassional high handed comments, but it's just it as far as I know. Hmm, I now wonder if this girl's blog were to reach that Anti Comment Moderation blogger's radar, she'll also get her very own entry?

    Anyhow, to each his/her own. I think you are a fine lady as it is. THAT person needs a life.

  2. some people would say meeting other people at borders would be a good thing.. oh what? my comment has nothing to do with your post's objective? well.. hmmm..


    Thanks for linking the blog: I read until I nearly cried as I feel so so sorry for her.

    What a complete, utter loser.

    p/s As I have also mentioned, maybe it's a good idea to tell her I'm so damn rich, drop dead gorgeous, intelligent beyond comprehension and let her have a field day ;)

    She wouldn't know where to start :P

  4. And I just learned that we non-anon Blogger users can 'flag' (report to Blogger) a blog that fully contains a few highlighted subjects: Hate / Violence included :)

  5. Mark,

    well, they said i am just as shallow to criticize bimbotic blogs, but i guess, at least i can say that i did it tastefully... well.. as for who i was talking about;

    siapa makan chili dia rasa pedas kan?

  6. Jade,

    seriously, ntah.. weird je yang approach i... well maybe i dont give them chances kot


    ehehehehehe.... glad you enjoyed it...

  7. Ninie,

    I know about that. so you are doing it ke? Plus, i have read the comments on 'that' blog. when they say that whole Muslim agenda, i thought that was just wrong.

    they can judge people as being bimbos or anything else but to judge people on their religion, that is wrong.

    anyway... well babe.. takde yang rugi pun i am sure

  8. Dia dah 'private'kan blog dia lah.

  9. seres? e'eleh... kalau suka sangat nak ngutuk kenapa taknak ngutuk in the open je?? have to do it in private kah? ceh!

  10. The link to Piah Zadora still works when I tried just now.

    The dark side is strong in that blog

  11. Des, now you can go and read it already.


    adik sedara Ju-on tu kot

  12. thanks for pimping my rockin' blog yo.

    u know, after reading your previous post, i realise that you actually had it in you. you are no better than the rest of us/me. would you consider being a guest blogger on piah zadora? :D

    oh, to comment on your current post, george w bush, hitler, pol pot has a lot of haters, does that mean they're doing something right?

  13. No Thank you.

    I dont know how to write as tactlessly as you do.

  14. Piah Zadora : Pol Pot, Hitler and Bush all have one thing in common - they are well known. Whether they are doing something right or not is not the point. You need to stop being so narrow in your thinking.

    Pity I don't understand whatever language it is you're posting in. Would love to read what you're writing.

  15. izso,

    that is just something redundant i figure. The more attention you give people like these, the more stupid you'd feel. :P...

  16. piahzadora is right in saying that you are no better than some of us. Read back your previous post "The day I thought I am going to be an idiot". that is not very nice talking about what other people write. just like you, they write what they please. really woman, shame on you.

  17. xylena,

    yes I did. But read it back. I dont care if she can buy those things on a weekly basis, I dont talk about anything that she might be personally, but i do have a problem with the way she writes. as for piah, well she have issues with what people have and what people dont have. I dont criticize people based on that.

    Thank you.

  18. nevertheless, it is still mean because you pick on what others' write. you're mean as it reflects idiocy, as you had put it.

    there's no difference. both you and piah pick on what people write. you both judge. the difference is only in your interpretation but you both basically judge, namecall and make fun of people.

  19. In case you miss something, i personally think that all bloggers are judgmental. It doesnt matter if they blogged about politics or anything at all. In the end, we are just a part of the close to 95% of us who dont even know that we are judgmental.

    better deal with it.

    Like what i said, everyone has their opinions, i just wish they know how to convey it tastefully, even if it is pretty much about nothing.

    as for the blog i mentioned, there is no doubt that if she is to do it tastefully, i might even enjoy reading her, and she might even get product review offers on the products she bought.

    but then again, she can only do it that way. Nothing the rest of the population can do about it eh?