Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Why you should always reconfirm on the address when you go for a vacation

I woke up from my slumber (slept around 12 PM) just in time for a Malay movie called ‘Congkak’.

It was a horror movie supposedly. Well... actually, before that my Aunt was asking me to check when was the next screening, so I did her a favor to search for it (in vain... stupid Astro!). I didn’t think much about it and I fell asleep in front of the TV. So when I woke up, it was just in time for the movie.

My aunt was in another room sleeping (It is a favorite pastime la kan) so I woke her up.

The movie reminded me of a horror movie set in the 90’s called Misteri Rumah Tua, starring Noor Kumalasari. Yes I am old enough to remember. It started with a family of four setting off for a vacationto a remote kampung area.

By the way, it stars Nanu Baharudin (Question; who the heck is Nana Nurgaya?), which is one of my favorite actress. Why? Because of the movie Cinta. Heck... the woman can act. I cried my eyes out during that movie!

Anyway, my verdict? Welll... I am not impressed with the story line. As a matter of fact, I thought it was rather dense. As usual, the wife noticed something was wrong with the house from the start. The husband, being a ‘husband’ was totally oblivious when the wife said;

“Bang... Sue dengar bunyi orang main congkak!”

Well... maybe not exactly like that but rather something to that affect. Heh.

Actually, the husband remained oblivious through these 'happenings';

- The youngest kid was screaming because she saw an old lady waving to her in the middle of the night through her window.
- The youngest kid was playing with an ‘ invinsible friend’ at the front yard.

It wasn't until his eldest got posessed by a ‘bunian’, who then was pulled underneath a bed, his wife floating in mid air and the youngest kid went missing did he FINALLY realize he was in pretty deep shit.

As though it wasn't clear enough, the story had something to do with a ‘congkak’ which, if you are totally uinitiated, is a traditional game for kids.

Like other horror movies, there will always be villagers scuttling away from the downtowners when they were told that they were living in ‘that’ house. Nobody seemed to want to be neighbourly enough to tell the clueless people that there is something in the house. There was also a misunderstood rubbertapper who later on in the movie morph (rather... transform *Transformers sound in the background) to a ‘Bomoh’.

However there was a plus point in the movie.

In the beginning of the movie, the family stopped and asked a lady at a bus stop for directions. Later on, the lady’s face was framed in the neighbourhood grocer and was told by the shopkeeper that it was her mother and that she died almost 2 years ago.

What was priceless however was how the movie concluded.

It happened that the vacation house was located in another location, and that the family went and stayed at a wrong house all the time.

Sia – sia pergi cuti dekat rumah salah. Ada hantu la pulak! Hhahahaha.... Kesian!


  1. That's some scary shit. And if you're into the Chinese calendar and all that, you'll know it's the "7th lunar month" right now and you shouldn't stay out late, say stupid thing, don't swim, etc.

  2. nana nurgaya?
    woman...i think u meant Nanu Baharudin.

  3. Izso;

    but.. but... i just went swimming (well... wading was more like it) last weekend. and i start work late la.. how???


    oh ye ke, Makcik saya kata it was Nana Nurgaya.. siapa kah orang itu ye???

  4. Sarc : Heh. Pray. A lot. And don't do / say stupid things