Monday, August 18, 2008

A month before Puasa.. woohoo

Things I would love to get next month;

High heeled boots - RM 99
Leather handbag - RM 179
Gym tote from Nike - RM 229
Running shoes from Nike - RM 379
Yoga shoes from Nike - RM 299
Track pants from Nike - RM 198
Workout top from Nike - RM 198
Yoga tees from Brit India - RM 69 (each… Ouch!)
Watch from Guess - RM 499
Long halter dress - RM 89

Note the ‘I would love’ part of the sentence. But of course as usual, I would not be getting even half of those things I want. Maybe I’d be getting the leather handbag (remember my bag with the broken strap… Yeah!) and the running shoes from Nike because my two year old runners now already has a tongue courtesy of a peeled off sole.

Furthermore, next month would already be fasting month. I would be busy coordinating my house’s paintjob, the cakes and raya biscuits reservation, the draperies, the Raya gifts I would usually get for my family members and of course the much dreaded ‘Duit Raya’ to give out to my little cousins.

I am supposed to get a brand new Baju Kurung Johor and Kebaya, get my Wiwa serviced for the long drive home (I would only get to go back on the first day of Raya, by the way.), and a billion other things to think about.

Not to mention totally ruining my diet and exercise regiment as we would definitely be stuffing our face with ketupat, rendang and other fatty treats.

And you would think that with all that spending, one should be losing weight because of the decreased purse weight rather than gaining an extra inch on the waist eh?

Headache…. Somebody save meeeee!!!!


  1. If you had bought Timberland or Adidas, they would've lasted over 5 years at least.

    As for car servicing, wanna save a few? Send it to your mech nearest to you. 99% of them know how to service a Wira.

    1. Oil change - make sure you use the same type of oil you used the first time. Semi-synthetic 10W30, then stick to the same brand.

    2. Change oil filter.

    3. Check your tyre thread. If it's not good (almost botak) - change the botak-ing tyres.

    4. Change air filter.

    5. Check your brake pad, brake oil.

    6. Check your radiator water - ada leaking tak?

    7. Lastly - check the aircon is still good.

  2. hehehe...jom drive down sama-same masa raya???

    so many thing on your list, but i guess mine is longer..

    as for you care servicing IZSO has given a pretty clear picture huh.

  3. Izso

    waaaaahhhh... yess sir... will do that sir


    asal go back JB on the first raya plak??

  4. aku balik sehari belum raya la... ko ponteng keje la...then balik sama-sama dengan aku best aper...hehehe :P