Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Power to 'some' of the people and of the justification of money takers in denial

I have openly admitted that I am apolitical.

Malaysian politics frustrates me. I know the moment I start talking about politics, I will keep on going on about how DUMB it is.

As for Bersih, I am not fond of it. And so... I don't care.

As one of the silent majority, we think it is stupid, a waste of time and a waste of intellect.

One of the things that they tried to bring up through this rally (Yeah... aside from a 'clean' election) were the abolishment of education loans.

To quote what my sister said about this whole schmuck, too many people have used the loans, too many people got the opportunity to study in universities, and so... too many smart asses were brought into the fabric of Malaysians' society.

These smart asses decided to call for the abolishment of the education loan because they can't get jobs that pay them enough as fresh graduates.

Let's do the math shall we. You graduated, got paid, and the agreement said pay about RM 119 - 250 a month.

Standard fresh graduate wages can go up to RM 1600 - 2300, depending on the company.

Why is it so difficult to cough up an unsubstantial amount from your pay to settle the money you had so joyfully signed a contract for?

Just because you are a graduate (who can't even be bothered to learn how to speak English properly), you are expecting a 3k pay package to cover a less than rm 500 loan payment?

Seriously? Like... seriously?

My sister and I agreed that these whacks are dumb asses who for any random reason, forgot how they would beg and cry for the loan to be approved, to be given the chance to study, to go into university, to be intellects... etc.

Shame, now all they have become are hooligans, street thugs.

Let this be a lesson to PTPTN to be more selective when it comes to approving future loans.

Although I am still paying off my loan, I don't wish for it to be waived. It's principal. Nobody else made me take the frikkin' money, I did, so I am going to pay for it.

It's that rare thing most young Malaysians seemed to have forgotten...

It's called---Responsibility.

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  1. My parents had to take on a mortgage to allow me to study. So I can't complain since they rejected my application.
    I paid 1k a month for 7 years to own my home back again. Me and my dad had to take in these things so that his son gets to be an intellectual.
    So yeah.
    Abolish the loans and start taking up mortgage payments to gain a degree to get work.