Monday, May 7, 2012

Why I am single

People seemed to have their own perception as to why I am single.

1) High Standards.
2) The need for me to correct everyone and everything
3) High Standards
4) Inability to commit
5) High Standards

Do I have high standards?

At 33, I don't know if I do have standards at all!

The only person I can see myself with, if I can ever have anyone like him come my way again would be The Scotsman.

I need someone I can actually talk to, who enjoys life, who is willing to share his life and who would listen and take me seriously as a person.

Unfortunately, The Scotsman and me is a no go. I guess, we are just born in different eras, wrong timing.

I am insignificant to him, and although I might even be in love with him, I am contented just knowing I am still able to love.

And no, The Scotsman didn't think I have the need to correct everyone and everything. He appreciated me for everything that I am, as am I with him.

So, I cried like a pathetic fuck yesterday, and today and probably will cry in the next few months, just thinking about this, and him.

But I am happy to at least have had the pleasure to be with him, in this short life span.

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  1. A conversation that I often have with another friend of mine.
    It's not you.
    So there.
    Cry and move on.