Wednesday, October 12, 2011

When we pass, memories of us are preserved in the minds of those who know us...

I was interviewing a candidate when the text came in.

Usually, I wouldn't check my phone, but I did this time.

I was informed by one of my friends in JB of the passing of a friend I have known for years.

The text was timed at 21:38. She passed at 21:30.

I first met her when I was working in JB as a Customer service assistant, which I later went up to work in the A&P department. She was the marketing executive in the company.

She was fun as a friend and totally reliable as a colleague. Everytime I went back to visit Kak Neesa, she would always spare time to hang out with me at the reception.

I found out that she was suffering from skin cancer earlier this year. It came as a shock to me. She was a very cautious person, taking all kinds of supplements to stay healthy. She was in and out of chemo for the rest of this year and I have always hoped that she will come out of it.

She was also the one person who entertains my crazy 'Cafe World' requests constantly.

Until she stopped recently. I thought she was busy.

I went to her FB page just now and saw that there was an entry by her, 7 hours before her passing.

The last wall entry was by her cousin, who wrote; "Wish you are happy in heaven, my lovely cousin." both in English and Chinese.

I was overwhelmed by this, odd feeling. Sad, morbid.

I wondered how would people remember me when it is my time to go for good.

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