Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Emotional Cutter

I have seen a lot of stuff I should not be seeing in the course of whole lifetime.

- Porn : It makes me feel dirty and disgusting and oh so unbecoming of a 'lady' (Sic). BUT... I love that the world seems to be revolving around sex like... ALL the time. Pizza boy comes to deliver that pepperoni extra mushroom extra cheese pizza -- fuck, Plumber fixing the pipes in the kitchen -- fuck, Policewomen detain criminals-- oh hell why not ... fuck. I mean... the world seems so peaceful because pizzas and plumbing jobs can be paid with a fuck and the policewomen are able to 'turn' a criminal to a good guy after a good threesome. And... when does a Pizza Boy ever looks so fuckalicious in real life? Those bums, shoulders???? Maybe the tacky tongue ring and ink on the pubic area should just go.

- Someone else's pubic hair : I was 17. I was in a boarding school. I was lying down on my back on my friends' double decker bed, and lo and behold... I saw it. Curly untrimmed pube hair gawking at me in all directions. The girl was wearing a 'sarong' and was sitting on the bed, with her legs apart. If there is one useful thing my Grandma told me is that: "If you are not able to sit properly wearing a sarong, then don't wear them.". It traumatized me to this day.

- That 'brown mark' on someone's panties : Again, I was 17, and was in a boarding school. We had a communal shower and toilet, and someone just decided to forget their panties that were hung on the back of the shower door. The moment I saw it, I was zombified, for the whole week. I became an 'undie-phobe'. For someone who was into skateboarding and was in a bootcamp for a week... that was just soooo out of character.

There are many more things that I have seen... mostly... Gross ones. Also disturbing ones, like a battered wife/girlfriend, hypocritical religious shit heads (Let's just NOT go there.), and arrogant egotistical husbands/boyfriends.

But I think I should let it all go because :



  1. omg now you are leaving us traumatised.

  2. 17 was a year I learned that love is not about holding on to the thing you love, it is about letting them go.