Sunday, July 3, 2011


Believe it or not, I still do not know what I have passion for until now.

Having blogger/twitter correspondence such as Ninie Ahmad the mini human pretzel and following awesome people like AnnaRina and Zuzie@Bodyrock on FB made me think about what do I have passion for.

And if I have passion for anything, at all.

When I was a kid, I used to bug my parents for sketchbooks and a set of pencils. I loved to sketch. Before Moleskins come to play, I used those standard school sketch books to draw on. Everything from people, cats, cars, and even my own hands.

The last time I sketched was when I was hanging out with The Scotsman for our Cappuccino gig. I sketched a guy who was sitting in front of me on the Starbucks serviette. And I scribbled The Scotsman's name in full blown Arabic calligraphy---- Yes I know how to read and write in 'Jawi' (Spellings using Arabic alphabets but in Malay / English).

Then there were books. While everyone else seemed to settle for magazines and Ladybird fairy tale books (This was when I was 9-10), I was already picking up Lord of the Rings and even, the original Hans Christian Andersen short stories. I read back to back pages of the Oxford Encyclopedia.

I loved it and I still do. Books are one of those things I can't do without.

Until recently, I took up physical training and Yoga to help with my being and my strength. No I still can't do more than 25 push ups and I still have difficulties pretzeling myself.

However, at 32, I am in my best form. I just wished I'd discovered these earlier on in my twenties. Instead I chose to waste away my youth doing and chasing things that don't matter.

But... I am trying to not have any regrets. It builds my character, those things. I have come to a realization that  things happened for a reason.

I also love writing. I was in communications for a reason, although I did not have any idea why I was inclined to take on a degree course that I have zero interest in whatsoever.

I am still writing, although not professionally, and not quite as passionate like I used to be, I am still able to come up with readable entries in this blog that nobody really read. ;)

I guess, my passion at the moment is living my life, doing all the things that I loved and still love. I may not be the loving daughter, an effective manager (Yet.), an awesome best friend, an inspirational writer or someone who anyone wants/can look up to.

But I am here, still, taking in all that life can give me, and just hoping that I have the strength to handle everything else that life is going to throw at me.

God Willing.

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  1. Don't count me out yet.
    now that I have a spiffy galaxy s2 I can visit my favourite blog sites more often.