Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dressing up and loving it

The theme was Superheroes and Movie Characters.

Half of the company's population turned up as civilians.

The food was ... meh, the emcee was Ok. Ally Iskandar got his bearing maybe 1 hour into the show. We had some laughs.

But still I can't help but to feel that the night was wasted somehow spending time on mediocre 8 course Hotel Chinese food and the fact that I didn't win anything (Aside from the table lucky draw that is. At least we got movie passes).

However, we had fun fooling around in dresses and full make up.

I tweeted that gone are the days where annual dinners would be spent drinking our faces silly and making sure our colleagues got home safely. The company I am attached with has a strict no alcohol policy, which posed no issues to me whatsoever. I am allergic to most hard liquors anyway. It is God's way of saying that it is enough for me, when I turned 28 YO. 

A sober crowd is a pleasant change, although it took away the fun. 

And my bosses, were nowhere to be seen. They couldn't make it. So I was there mainly for my staff who wanted to come to the dinner.

Will I be there in the ballroom next year? Our door gifts were cheap plastic key chains and the food was not to my taste . I don't like formal Chinese dinners. By the time they got to the end, I would have lost interest in the food.

The braised baby octopus was nice though. 

I guess, I will just have to wait whether I DO want to come back next year. :P

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