Friday, July 8, 2011

The circus that is Malaysian Politics

Let me reiterate once more.

I am apolitical.

I see Malaysian politics as entertainment, amusement, CIRCUS. (Sarkas, orang melayu kata)

But I am not amused when the circus is going to ruin my weekend.

Wait... I don't even like the circus.

We don't know how things are going to be like this morning. The good thing about me, is that I live 5 minutes drive away from the office. I am not one who will be held up on LDP, NKVE or Penchala Link.

My colleague was stuck in a massive traffic jam on LDP from 9 pm - 12 am.

After that, she told me that her brother who was supposed to go and pick one of her sisters up from KL, were stopped, asked to produce a letter saying that that was his purpose. The police officer even said :

"You suruh je la adik awak jumpa you kat luar KL."

So the officer technically was asking the sister to 'walk' out of KL. At night. In that kind of situation.

Yes, it is... to be put simply... FUCKED UP.

So, I can't have my weekend breakfast session with my friends, because of Bersih, I can't go and have my weekly chocolate chip muffin and Moroccan mint latte at Bangsar, because of Bersih, I can't spend time with The Scotsman because of Fucking Bersih.

Or to be more accurate, because of the roadblocks set up by the police as instructed by the Government.

Malaysia is fucking pisshed!

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  1. It was a kinda funny as long as we weren't part of the jam.