Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Sometimes, I would sit in my car for maybe 10 minutes after I am parked at my apartment's parking lot.

And for that short 10 minutes, I was empty... well sort of.

When I am doing Yoga, somehow, my mind focuses on the peaceful and the positive. My meditation after massive pretzeling my body to unknown limits was always, an awesome moment.

I don't meditate to corny inspirational music (Enya kind of... annoys me) or to white noise even.

But the occasional 10 minutes in the car was truly a moment when all I can feel is...


I did not even know what I was thinking about. It's always a mix of blah this and blah that...

In short, an empty recount of everything.

Mr. Probably -Would -Be - Boyfie - Husband-If -It-Works-That-Is told me that I might be exhausted.

Exhausted with work.

Also exhausted of being exhausted, constantly. The only workout that I have strength for nowadays would be Yoga. I only have time for cardio and weights on Sundays.

Not that it is much of a problem. I seemed to be losing weight anyway.

I think it is this empty... state of mind.

I need something to excite me, to make me more passionate towards life. My Life.


  1. I would tell you to watch 'Eat Pray Love' coz it sounds so similar with the main character ... but, hmm ... maybe you just need a good break, out of Klang Valley, preferably :)

  2. You work too much la Sarcy.

  3. How about some hobbies. What are they?

  4. Ome;

    I have a string of projects this end of the year and beginning of next year... can only take leave from March onwards. I might start off the whole Elizabeth Gilbert thing with the book. I am a bookworma anyhow...

    Izso :

    I dont have time for hobbies anymore... sigh... I LOVE reading, Yoga is an active hobby and I haven't had the time for photography... :(

  5. Make time my dear girl. You're stressing yourself too much. Photography is probably a good place to start. Get yourself that camera and come join me for shoots.

  6. izso : oh yes definitely... for some reason (and dont mock me for this...) I am in love with the nex-5... -_-

  7. Sarcy - it's a fine camera. But the NEX-5 is expensive maintenance and the lenses and all are not cheap. Not to mention it's not ergnomically designed for large fat hands like mine can't use a NEX5 without getting carpal tunnel.

    Honestly tho, check out the Canon 550D or the 60D. Those are bloody good with HD movie recording and fantastic white balance algorhithyms (sp?). Canons are doing well nowadays. Nikons are slouching.

  8. eh.. I thought you are pro-Nikon now.. ;)