Sunday, October 31, 2010

On All Hallow's eve

I watched a couple of Thai horror movies.

Actually, I sort of skimmed through the movie.

First movie has something to do with the number 666, which had nothing to with the prophetic child of satan or anything like that.

Actually I still didn't know what was the movie all about. I am kind of still confused... it's something about the central character who was played by an actress who could have seriously looked gorgeous if it was not because of her hair that looked as if it was styled by putting on a coconut shell on her head who was a private investigator or a reporter and her I guess, estranged father who tried to commit suicide and this strange dark shadow that made its' appearance like maybe 3-4 times in the movie.

Owh... I am guessing also that the events happened in a time span of maybe 48 hours because the actress was in the same T-shirt throughout the movie.

The reason why I couldn't figure out what the movie was all about was because, everything was in Thai and the subtitle was in chinese.


So instead of trying to figure out what the actors was saying, I clicked on the fwd button on the player until the end, and I still don't know what the movie was all about.

The second one was easier. It had something to do with a woman who killed people, stuffed spices and boil them as ingredients for her noodles.

Which taught me that one should NEVER eat the noodles on the streets while you are in Thailand.

Good horror movies are just soooo hard to get nowadays.

I would however recommend watching classic horror movies.

- Poltergeist I
- Exorcist I
- The Shutter (Thai)
- The Eye (Cantonese)

And... if you really want to freak yourself out :

ANYTHING with frikkin' Miley Cyrus in it.

Your brains will bleed out just wondering how she can ever get into show business in the first place.

I hope you guys had a spooky slamming Halloween!

Image courtesy of Sacramento Scoop