Friday, February 12, 2010

The thing is...

I have mixed feelings on my birthday this year.

And it's not between being sad or happy.

It was between being indifferent or just plain... well... bored.

So I am 31. My priorities changed over the last year. Professionally I transitioned to another position, a position I never thought I am going to be in.

I have always thought that you could never really find out what you are capable of doing unless you are thrown in a situation whereby you will have to live up to what your position expects you to do.

That was what happened to me. I was thrown, and I am surviving.

Despite working more than 50 hours a week, I gain a strange kind of satisfaction from work. Work is the only thing that makes sense to me right now, even though people's behavior sometimes throws me back a few yards.

Working, I don't have the time to think about anything else. It puts me in an objective state. I am not emotional and I put my aloofness to good use.

At 31, I discovered there's a lot of other things that deserve my attention. Strangely, although sometimes I would be thinking about a lot of relationship shouldas, couldas and wouldas, I managed to shift my attention to something else, like my health, concentrating on my work out schedule so I will achieve the 'Nike Mannequin' body.

I want to be hot and I want to be satisfied thinking that this (my body) is all me.

Also, I received lots of well wishes on my FB page. This however makes me feel bad.

I am bad at remembering people's birthday, I even had difficulties remembering my parent's birthday.

I am that hopeless, yes.

So... my first mini birthday resolution I am going to make is to remember other people's birthdays. I need to pin it up on a calendar or something.

So... Last thursday I turned 31, a better person than the person who started this blog in 2007 (Wait has it been that long???)



  1. Happy *belated* bday Sarcy. Priorities change as we get older - age = maturity :)

  2. Use the FB bday reminder la. LOL

    As for bdays, it's just a number. I'm still 21! :P My body just reminds me I'm not....

  3. Happy belated Bday gurl.. We turn not older with years but newer every day.. ;)